SailAway 83 | A Capsized Freighter and Sleeping In A Boat Sling | Sailing Around The World

SailAway 83 | A Capsized Freighter and Sleeping In A Boat Sling | Sailing Around The World

this week on sale away we visit the
famous reef freighter golden ray the Coast Guard puts on an impromptu
demonstration just for us and we settle Cecilia into the boat yard for some
much-needed love with me last week we showed you our
installation of nearly a thousand watts of solar power on our Stern Arch and we
show you one of my solo gigs at tip C’s in downtown Brunswick now with only a
few weeks until our departure for the Caribbean we head out on a little voyage
to check off one of the last big boxes on our to-do list
good morning mate what are you looking at that’s our shove off breakfast so
where we headed today the belly belt what he means by the belly belt I’ve
been explaining to him that we are taking Cecilia down to st. Mary’s
boatyard today to get her hauled out basically get the bottom completely
stripped and repainted we’re going to Trinidad Sr in the boat but here’s the
fun part we had so much going on this fall to get ready to leave that it was
hard for me to do but I finally gave up on doing but bottom ourselves because we
have two weddings to go to and the Annapolis Boat Show so we are sailing
down to st. Mary’s so then tomorrow morning we haul out first thing we’re
going to sleep in the slings tonight just so we can get in the lift at high
tide then we get in our car we head to Virginia check into a hotel room that’s
about an hour from Annapolis go to the boat you have boat show on Thursday then
we get up on Friday for a wedding on Laurens side her cousin and then on
Saturday we get up in the morning and drive to Ohio for my for my nephew’s way
you’re gonna see Nonna and Grandpa right away we’re going to see them in Virginia
so then we’ll be in for a couple days and then we’re driving
back on Tuesday and picking up the boat launching on Wednesday bringing it back
here we might actually anchor out at
Cumberland Island a couple days on the way back just to kind of relax a little
bit all right let’s get this motor run and make sure it you know does that we’re not leavin we’re just getting the
motor warmed up and it started so that’s uh it’s always positive sign that means
it’s got water circulating through it so it’ll stay cool
maybe that’s watching you see the water flow down
just gotta do a little cleanup out here once Lauren gets it back tidy up down
below and head out so hopefully I took a walk with the dog so I think
everything’s done we’ll see once we get out there let’s blow this joint yeah you
always find me here the word since that I’ve disappeared
we know just where to you know just where you
you’ll have a heart of gold I look forward to growing because I’ll be old
with you I’ll be old you with the time look you in the eyes and
say let me down that’s who you are now whines man I saw you finished what that
must be too I do I do I do plant a garden in the summertime you flowers
rain or shine just because I can just because I can Oh how do I do I do I do I do I do I do Oh Susan coming away
Susak come on away tonight awaits the day now I write the time look
you in the eyes and say thanks today airplane check out some be up outside with the
crane boys okay I’ll bear a little bit
aw come again yeah better Corphish design feed
forever by the happy feet and six degrees at time
it’s a very popular stretch the bridge will be our first bridge on
the ICW with this boat and so you know it’s always just a little nerve-racking
except our master 63 at high tide this bridge should be 55
almost at low tide it’s about eleven and those – now
so we should be all right but make sure let’s add this boat for five months I’m
like so we’re still doing new things every day basically testing it here’s
here’s another test all right thinking the 66
can I go through it real slow we’re at 63 so this should be three feet it’s nice and calm this is the only
bridge we’ve got it’s reading 68 yeah let’s hope never
heard anything no you are masters actually 63 they make
great many of these over tall masts our sale is not in the track looks like a top darrell thriller right
now when I came out I was like
it’s gonna light it was flying so nice all right well that was a short-lived
sale concerning how did it pop out of the track you see the big boat Oh Oh oh it’s gonna be alright yeah yeah how
can you tell yeah yeah I feel it in my heart it’s gonna be okay yeah yeah the
sun is shining bright to another day it’s gonna be alright it’s gonna be okay if at first you don’t succeed you better
try try again Hey clenched fists can’t plan to see you
just open up your hand it’s gonna be alright it’s gonna be okay my heart’s gonna you’re gonna find your way it’s very hard to let things go
tired to carry on you won’t know you’ve got to let it go as always thanks for watching please
give us a like subscribe and ring the bell for notifications of every video we
put out which is every Friday until next week
Cheers in you wonder how even made

6 thoughts on “SailAway 83 | A Capsized Freighter and Sleeping In A Boat Sling | Sailing Around The World

  • November 15, 2019 at 3:01 pm

    Love you guys and your videos are getting better and better! Love that little guy to.

  • November 15, 2019 at 4:26 pm

    Sail away…

  • November 15, 2019 at 4:44 pm

    Nice ! Family and boat looking sharp !

  • November 15, 2019 at 4:53 pm

    Hehehe. Forgot about the paper mill. "If you can't smell Georgia Pacific, it's gonna rain…"

  • November 15, 2019 at 6:16 pm

    As I understand the ship capsizing due to loads unbalanced. The ship emptied the ballast tanks for port entry, then loads the cars, then when exiting the port will fill tanks to the proper amount for sea travel. The ship didnt get the chance to fill the tanks. About the time it was exiting the inlet channel, thats when it rolled over. I'm guessing the ships captain is looking for another job. The load master should be also.


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