SailGrib – Démarrage Rapide | Quick Start

SailGrib – Démarrage Rapide | Quick Start

Hi, we will see in this video how to use SailGrib WR as a tool for virtual regattas To switch to the virtual regatta mode go to the Preferences menu scroll down to the section “Virtual regatta mode” check the “Virtual regatta mode” then choose a race. The Vendée Globe or the Sodébo Enter the name of your boat exactly as you entered it in the game Optionally, you can update the polar diagram of the boats Go back to the map to create a route. We’ll make one between les Sables d’Olonne and the equator We zoom towards Les Sables d’Olonne We do a long press at sea not too far from les Sables we click on “Create a route” we enter a name for the route Here, VG 2016 for the Vendée Globe unzoom and pan the map towards the equator to create a second waypoint where boats are likely to converge near the coast of Brazil Click Finish. Our route is created Let us download a grib file. We unzoom to get a map that will include our route and be slightly wider than it is. The model will be the GFS model with a 1 degree grid. It is called the gfs_vr_100 the time step will be three hours. Here you select 14 days and only the wind and pressure. The download is starting for a map that large, the grib file will be quite large it should take about fifteen seconds to download The grib file is ready. Let us prepare the routing by setting all the parameters. If you have chosen a race and enter the name of your boat in the Settings menu, select “Position and automatic time” Your route will be automatically adjusted to a starting point that matches your position. The start time will be the one corresponding to the last known position. For a routing towards the equator, let’s set the maximum number of days to 12 days. Let us choose our polar here it will imoca_60_new If you have purchased in the game the pro sail option, select it here To start, I advise you to leave the auto mode settings and choose a method of calculation. Pick here for quick mode to make a first routing. Check tacking and gybing penalties 50% for two minutes and sail change, 50% for two minutes as well. Everything is ready, let us launch the routing it’s going, isochrones are drawn near the starting point Let us zoom to see what is happening the isochrones and the best route are drawn during the calculation. The color of the best route indicates what is the best sail. To help you, a red color isochrone is drawn every 12 hours Let us accelerate the video during calculations We see that the best route can switchfrom an isochronous to another. Obviously the descent towards the equator will be quite fast with a route all downwind. The routing is finished. It should take roughly 10 days to arrive off the Brazilian coast. Now open the roadbook by clicking the button near the bottom right. The roadbook shows for each isochrone the data that you will use to steer the boat in the game. finally a text file at the vrTools format is systematically created. It can be opened with a file manager and be shared it easily with Google Drive or Dropbox to be used later on your pc. Thank you for watching this video where we quickly saw how to use sailGrib WR as aid for virtual regattas This is a rapid overview of the functions of the application and we invite you to watch the videos or read the user guide. You should remember that the grib files,the polars and the calculations try to match those of the virtual regatta several calculation methods exist to approximate or fine-tune the routing a vrTools file is automatically created. Finally, and probably most importantly, as Loïck Peyron said the arrival of the Route du Rhum in 2014 SailGrib WR prepares the sauce bases, but it is up to you to prepare the food!

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