San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco is built on 40 hills. The highest nearly 300 meter high Twin Peaks offer this great view. A strong wind blows from the Pacific Ocean and messes up the hairstyle. The city is one of the oldest settlements in the USA and dates back to 1776 founded by Spanish Franciscan monks Mission Station Dolores. In the small cemetery there are still graves of the first settlers. Despite several earthquakes, the city experienced a permanent economic upward trend. Approximately one million inhabitants are managed in the impressive town hall. One of their most endearing sites is the city on Alamo Square with its beautiful Victorian wooden houses. The Lobby of the Hyatt Regency Embacadero The dragon-decorated pagoda lanterns indicate it, China Town. The Dragon Gate invites you to a tour. A stroll past the colorful displays of the many shops with a fabulous offer-hodgepodge and countless restaurents full of exotic fragrances give an impression of the many-colored Asian way of life. Likewise, the look up shows all sorts of surprising. Chinatown, located in the center of the city, is sort of a small town in itself. The Chinese are the largest minority group in San Francisco, with their own administration and newspapers in Chinese script. About the famous Cable Car rolling since 1873 through the streets is unnecessary words. Almost more interesting than the ride is the Cable Car Museum by the train´s propulsion machinery. While other major cities have their trams abolished San Francisco has its cable car system 1964 listed as a historical monument. Down at the end of this cable car line, the serene jumble of Fisherman´s Wharf spreads. In good weather, there is true folk festival mood. The former fishing port has developed over the years to a marina. But a few fishing boats are still on the quay and provide for replenishment in the noble fish restaurants and simple food stalls. Even from afar, you can hear the howling of the many sea lions that have settled at Pier 39. They are better seen here than in any zoo. Alcatraz´s repellent rock in the torrential water flow was once the safest penitentiary in the country. Today tourists pay admission for a look behind the rusty cell doors. And then we are in front of the emblem of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge. 27.000 wires form the 92 cm thick suspension rope to which every 15 meters the cables are attached which hold the road. Josef Strauss was the chief engineer of this magnificent bridge which was inaugurated in May 1937. The two pillars carrying the 2.300 meter long suspension rope are 227 meters high. This filigree made of steel is of breathtaking beauty. Every day, 120.000 vehicles pass the bridge on six lanes, which hovers nearly 70 meters above the sea. Each of the two towers is held together by 600.000 rivets. During our hike over the good 2 700 meters long bridge we could see many construction details up close. Tourists from all over the world meet here to shoot their very special souvenir photo.

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