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(playful music) – Hi, guys, welcome back to: – [All] ThatYouTub3Family! – And today we are at Disneyland in Paris. – Paris, France! – So we are going to play hide and seek in these rocks, these caverns. – [Audrey] Yeah. – Sardine style. – Sardines. Okay, so we have split into teams. Jake is my partner. – Audrey and me. – Me and Team Shortstuff. (laughs) – Okay, first up to hide is Jake and I. We’re going to pick the
bridge that’s up above, because we’re afraid of heights. – [Jordan] Oh, so that’s
perfect, you go up on the bridge. – Doesn’t make sense. – Okay, we’ll give you
two minutes to hide. – Alrighty. – Make the most of it. And go. So there’s this really cool cavern, look, it’s called Ambush Alley. And it goes back into these dark caverns. And we’re gonna play a
couple of different rounds in these caverns here. Hopefully, we don’t get
lost and never found again. – I can see something in here. There’s different pathways. Like, look, if you look from the angle, you can see a little torch. You see it? – [Dad] A torch? – Yeah, you see it? There’s, like, a whole
separate room in there. (Audrey roars) – [Dad] How did you get back there? What?
– Audrey, come quick. We’re definitely gonna
get twisted and turned in this cave, because there are a lot of
different entrances and exits. – But look at these over here. Come here, come here,
follow us, right here. Look at this. Dead Man’s Maze. – Oh, no.
– What? And Ben Gun Cave and Davy Jones’s Locker. Spyhill Glass Point Suspendo. Oh, boy. – So, there are– – I have a feeling Mom’s gonna hide in a really awesome spot, and it’s gonna be hard for us to find her. Okay, so I think Mom and
Jake are about ready. Gonna give ’em about 20 more seconds. We’re gonna formalize a strategy, and then we’re gonna go get ’em. What’s your guys’s strategy? – We’re gonna win.
– You’re gonna win? – Yeah, basically it,
we’re just gonna win. Yeah, so we can climb
up the bridge, you know. We can rock the bridge to get
Mom and Jake to go like, “Ah!” and then we can find ’em. – Okay, and Ty and I are
just gonna run really fast and run ahead of Audrey
and Jordan and we will win. – [Ty] Hey, don’t tell our strategy! – Shh, but don’t tell Audrey and Jordan. – Audrey. We gotta have our meeting, okay? (whispering) – [Dad] They’re trying to be sneaky. – Audrey, Audrey. Ready, ready? One, two, three! Whoo! – Alright, so we are, like, inside this deep cavern, looking for Mom. We have no idea where we’re at. Let’s see if she’s
outside the exit, though. She could be. Alright, there’s, like, so
many entrances and exits. Now look at this sign. I have no idea what it even says, let alone where it goes, so we gotta go back in
and try to find her. ‘Cause we missed her, and I don’t hear the girls anymore, so I’m wondering if Audrey
and Jordan found ’em. Let’s see. Ty. Ty, go that way. – This one? – [Dad] Yeah. – [Jake] Boo! (laughs) – [Dad] Run. – We got you. – Pikachu! – You got us. – [Dad] The girls haven’t found ya? – No. We found them. – Sweet. We’re the first ones to find Mom. We don’t know where the girls went. – [Mom] I wanna jump
out and scare someone. – Okay, let’s hurry up and hide and scare Audrey and Jordan. We’re gonna jump scare ’em. – Okay, we’re gonna go find Mom and a deep, dark cave. – Oh, it’s getting pretty dark. – Oh, no, oh, no. – Will the camera adjust? Yes, it will. – Camera adjust? I don’t know. – [Jordan] Oh. I swear I heard ’em, Audrey. Come here, this way. – [Audrey] You know where they are? – I think I heard ’em. – [Audrey] Ha ha ha. – I think I heard ’em this way. Like, I really heard their voice. Oh, they’re not in here? – [Audrey] I don’t think they’re this way. – [Jordan] What? – [Audrey] I think we
went out of the cave. – I think we did, too. I thought they were over here. – Jordan’s leading us in the wrong way. There’s a lot of people
in this cave right now. – [Jordan] Yeah. – It’s a crowded cave. A crowded cavern. – Oh, man. Okay, guys, I’m venturing off. Audrey’s staying behind. I’m just going in this cave, so, um, ooh. Ooh, it’s pretty nice over here. Whoa, you can’t even see me, wow. Hello. Um, does this lead to the bridge? No, it just leads to an opening. I don’t think we’re
supposed to go out here. Back into the cave. Let’s see. Audrey. Okay, Audrey was just right here. Like, she was supposed to meet me here. Audrey? Audrey? I think I lost Audrey. (Jordan screams) Audrey! You jumped out from the edge. – Jump scare. – Are you kidding me? Is that why you told me leave? We’re gonna lose Sardines, we gotta go. – We’re playing. Ooh. What? – Is that them? Is it them? (gasps) That’s them. – [Audrey] Ahh! – Hello. – Found us. – We’re the last. What? The very last. Oh, Audrey’s being chased by Jake. Oh, man, and they’re, oh, and Ty. – Man. – We lost. – Okay, so everybody found us. That was pretty fun. It was so tempting in there, though, to jump out at people and scare ’em, because they were all, like, coming around the corner
like they were afraid. – They were like… – And I just wanted to
jump out and go boo! But I didn’t. – Ty actually did. Where’s Ty? – Ty left, he’s hiding. – Oh, he has a scare count of one so far. – So Dad and Ty are now going up into the tree house to hide. – That’s the next location. Tree house! It’s gonna be a blast. And, Audrey, we have to win this time, like, for real. – [Both] We have to win. – Girl power.
– Okay. – [Both] We’re going to win. – What about boy power? – Gots to win. – Alright, so this is round two. It’s Dad and Ty, or Team Shortstuff, is going to be hiding this time. So in that last round, how
many people did you scare, Ty? – One. – He scared one? So our scare count is at one. Alright, let’s see if we can go up here. We’re gonna do the tree house
this time, and let’s go. Ready? Let’s go.
– Let’s go. – Okay, so we’re climbing
all the way to the top of the tree house. We’re hoping there might be just a little bit of room up here that we can hide. Comment down below if you’ve ever been to any one of the Disney parks and been to the top of
the Swiss Family Robinson tree house. Oh, that’d be an awesome spot. Look at that. Right there in that room, right there. But we can’t. It’s blocked off. So we’re gonna have to try
to go up one more room here and see if maybe we can
hide up here at the top. We’re going to the very top, because if they’re gonna find us, they’re gonna have to earn it. Okay, we’re at the very top. We’re just gonna hide here. They won’t let us go into the room. We were gonna hide underneath
that hammock right there. But if you look here close, there’s a chain on the door, so we can’t hide in there. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna come right back
here to the very corner and crouch down, and
hopefully they don’t see us. We’re kind of out in the open, because all the good hiding
spots are behind these bars. They won’t let ya in. – Well, I want a good
hiding spot, that tree. – What’s that? That tree was a good hiding spot, but I couldn’t fit in it. (laughs) It was too small. Team Shortstuff, only half
the team could make it in. We both couldn’t make it. Alright, I’m gonna look down below and see if we see ’em coming. – Okay, so David and Ty are ready, and we are now racing up
the tree house to find them. Let’s go, Jake. I’m not sure where we’re going. ‘Cause it’s all in French, and I can’t read it. So I just have to guess. ‘Kay, I think we’re down this way. Jake? You ready? – Yes. – [Mom] Okay. – It’s so hot. – It’s so hot. Alls we have is warm water. – And I’m sweaty. – [Jordan] ‘Kay, we’re
up in the tree house now. Alright. Wow, look at that. It’s a waterfall, whoo! – This is my air conditioning. – [Jordan] Yeah. Oh, this is pretty. Oh, my goodness. – Been over there. – We gotta go see if we can find ’em. I have a feeling they’re
at the very tippity top, and there’s a line to get to the top. – Mom’s ahead of us. – And it’s gonna take a long while, and Mom’s ahead of us,
and my hair is crazy, but that’s besides the point. And I don’t think we’re
gonna win this round, either. – My legs are burning. If I didn’t walk up the
Eiffel Tower twice yesterday, this would have been no problem. – Yeah, we walked up the Eiffel Tower. Everybody walked up the steps once, but Audrey and Dad walked up it twice. And now our legs are really hurting. And so every time we go on stairs, we’re like, “Ahh!” Yeah. (playful music) I think they’re even farther up. – [Audrey] Even further. – Oh, my goodness. Where did they go? – [Audrey] I don’t know. If you can name this tree
house from a Disney movie, comment down below and you’ll win. – Okay, this has a lot of stairs, and my legs burn from the Eiffel Tower that we did the other day. Oh, this hurts to climb stairs. Wait, Jake, where’d Audrey and Jordan go? – I think they went up the wrong way. – [Mom] They went up the out? – Exit. – [Mom] Oh, wait, no, they’re behind us. That gives us a chance to find ’em. Yes. They’re behind us somewhere. Just keep your eyes open, Jake. I don’t know, I think
Audrey’s coming, Jake. (playful music) Oops, sorry. – I gotta touch them all. – [Mom] Hey, we found the bed. – Oh, but they’re not in it. – [Mom] Do you hear whistling? I feel like it’s a bird. – [Jake] Going up higher! – [Mom] Oh, no! More stairs? How much do my legs hurt? – Tons. – [Mom] Where are they? – [Jake] Oh! – [Mom] Did you find ’em? – [Dad] Oh, you found us. – I’m about full up. – [Dad] Jake and Mom found us first. – They’re right behind us. – [Dad] They’re right behind ya? – Yeah.
– We found you. – [Dad] I see. What’s going on, you guys gotta hide. Hide over here. Get down in the corner. – [Mom] Hide, hide, hide. – [Dad] Make sure, or they’ll see ya. – [Mom] Are you guys hiding? – [Dad] Yeah, Jake’s sitting down with me. I don’t see ’em. – [Audrey] Are you kidding me? – You saw us. – [Audrey] Are you kidding me? – Oh, and Audrey. We were hidden a long time, though. – I know! We lost again. – It took a while to even get up here. – [Dad] Yeah, you girls are oh for two. – Ahh. – Well, it’s our turn to hide. – Yeah. – [Dad] It’s your turn to hide. – [Mom] Should we find a new spot for ya? – [Dad] Yeah, let’s do a
different spot in the park. – [Jake] Across the bridge. – Okay, last round, round three. Jordan and my turn to hide. And your guys’s turn to find. – We’re gonna find you fast. – [Mom] Okay, take off. – No, yeah, right, let’s go. – [Dad] Team Shortstuff’s gonna win. – [Mom] Okay, guys, so where do you think they’re gonna hide? Like, ’cause there’s a
lot of paths you can go. You can go down that path. There’s another tunnel here. – [Jake] This tunnel! – [Mom] There’s Davy Jones’
Locker and Spyglass Hill, so you can take that path,
you can go down that path. – I think Ty and I are gonna go this way. – [Mom] Okay. – Because I think the
girls are gonna stay away from the caves, ’cause they’re afraid. – [Mom] I think I’m gonna
go in the caves with Jake and try to explore, ’cause
it’s cooler in there. – [Jake] Yeah. – [Mom] And I think that’s where they hid, ’cause it’s dark. – Okay, so, you guys ready? – [Mom] Yep, let’s see
if we can go find ’em. – Good luck. You’re gonna need it. – [Mom] Alright. – Let’s see, we’re gonna adventure through this little cavernous area. – [Jordan] Yeah. Ooh. – [Audrey] What’s over here? – [Jordan] I don’t know,
but this is a lot of stairs and my legs hurt still. – [Audrey] Ooh. – Ooh, a nice lake. I don’t know, Audrey,
where are we gonna hide? We have to make, we have to redeem ourselves
for all the times that we lost. – I know. – ‘Cause we lost, twice. – Okay, we’re going into a cave. Whoa. – Ooh. Whoa, where are we? Whoa. There’s, like, a little ledge point. It’s, like, wooden. I don’t know, I think
we should keep going. Let’s go, let’s go this way. Right here. Whoa. – [Audrey] Okay, we’re gonna
find a place real quick. – Yeah. – [Audrey] We found a pirate ship. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my gosh, this is shaky. – After many minutes of
searching through the cave, we found a pirate ship. Oh, my goodness, we’re actually moving. Like, ’cause of the water and
’cause of the boards both. – [Audrey] Whoa. Whoa. Oh, my goodness, the ship is broken! – Oh, that’s sad! – [Audrey] Okay, so, we’re
gonna hide over here. – Here’s a big, I say we just sit in the
shade and just chillax. – [Audrey] Okay. – [Jordan] Just sit down. – Hopefully they can’t find us here. Hopefully you can see us yourself. (Jordan laughs) There you go. This is our view. We can see the bridge. – [Jordan] Oh, yeah, so we can
see if they’re on the bridge. – [Audrey] There’s the mast. – Well, I like this spot. We could look out at, like, everywhere. And we’re in the shade, so it’s nice. – [Mom] Okay, I’m trying to find… Where did they go? I lost Jake. I don’t know where he– – Rah!
– Ahh! (Jake laughs) – I got (mumbles). – [Mom] Where are we? – [Jake] Hey, maybe they went up. – [Mom] You think they’re up? Oh, my goodness. We’re going up stairs in a cave. I don’t know where it goes to. Jake’s not waiting. – [Jake] Hey, Mom, I see you. – [Mom] Wait for me. – [Jake] Okay. – [Mom] Okay, let’s go out this way. – Yeah. Maybe they went out this way, because it’s still shady, but… – [Mom] Oh, here we go, let’s try it. This might work. – Oh, perfect hiding spot. You got there. – [Mom] Yeah, that would
be a good hiding spot. – Or over here? – [Mom] Where do you think? You wanna go up in that way? Okay. More caves, more stairs. My legs are thanking you. (gasps) That would be
such a good hiding spot. – Yeah.
– Wow. – Oh, man, we missed this. – [Mom] Oh, we need more
rounds so we can hide, huh? – Yeah. – [Mom] Wait, do you hear somebody? Shh. Who do you hear? – I hear Dad, but he’s up. – [Mom] I hear Dad, too. Is he up there? – [Jake] There’s two ways up. – [Mom] Wait, so do you think
he’s coming down this way? – Yeah. – [Mom] Which means we
need to get down, Jake. Wait, they might be coming, come on. Let’s go down. – Alright, Ty, round three,
trying to get the girls. I betcha they ran over here, ’cause they like nature, and I can see them stopping here and taking pictures of
Instagram on this bridge. How much do you wanna bet? I bet if you guys go and check
Audrey and Jordan’s Instagram you’ll find this crazy suspension bridge with them taking pictures. Because what happens
is a lot of times is… What happens is a lot of times is the girls start playing the game, and then they get distracted by, like, beautiful things to take pictures of, by. And then we find ’em pretty quick, because they’re taking pictures. Oh, look at that. Ty, look up there. Look up there. We can get up there somehow. And there’s a big
suspension bridge up there. – [Ty] You think they are on it? – Here, let’s go through
this bridge again. I betcha they went up to the top. Look at this. This is, like, all rotten. You can’t hide in here. Okay, so let’s try to get across this suspension bridge again. Try to go get the girls. Okay, so we found the stairs to go up. We are now gonna see
if we can get up on top to try to find those girls
before Mom and Jacob does. I have a bad feeling that Mom and Jacob might win this round just for the fact that we haven’t seen them
at all this whole time. Ty, do you see the girls? You’re looking through
it the wrong way, dude. That’s (laughs), there you go. Now you’re looking up into the sky. – [Ty] I can’t see ’em. I can’t see anything. – [Dad] Can’t see anything? Let me try to use it. Let’s see if it works. That doesn’t do anything. Here, we’ll look at it from the top. Okay, I think I know a new place. I bet they went out there
by that pirate ship. – [Ty] Okay. – [Dad] That’s where I would
hide if I was on this round. So we gotta run across this
suspension bridge, dude. – I would hide in the playground. – [Dad] The playground? – [Ty] It’s right by it. – [Dad] There is a playground down there. Oh, man, this one’s… Oh, careful, dude. Careful. Alright, he’s making this shake. Look at this shake. Ty! Oh, my goodness, he is
not afraid of anything. – Ooh, I see them. Oh, my gosh, across the bridge, Audrey. There’s Dad and Ty.
– There’s Ty. – [Jordan] Oh, Ty’s
jumping across the bridge. There’s Dad.
– Oh, my goodness. – [Jordan] (gasps) Oh, my goodness. They don’t even see us. – [Audrey] Dad’s vlogging. – [Jordan] They don’t even see us. He’s looking right at us. He didn’t see us. – [Audrey] Wait, did he see us? – [Jordan] I don’t think he did. – [Audrey] Are you kidding me, Dad? He just looked down, like, into the water. – [Jordan] (gasps) Ty spotted us. – I can see ’em. – [Dad] You can see ’em? (gasps) Hey. Look, there’s Audrey and Jordan. We found ’em, Ty. The problem is is how do
we get back to ’em now? Ahh. – Well, I don’t know if they can find us. There’s a huge bamboo
forest that we went through, and there’s a bunch of caves underneath that we also went through. – [Audrey] Yeah. – So it’s gonna be a
struggle to find us, maybe. I don’t know, just watch ’em
find us in, like, two seconds. – It’s gonna be a journey. – [Mom] Okay, we ended up by the bridge. How did this happen? We got lost in the caverns,
we’re up by the bridge. Where do we go, Jake? How do we get down? – Same way we got up. Oh, back down. – [Mom] You wanna go back
down through the caves? – [Jake] Yep. – [Mom] Jake and I don’t like bridges, so we’re not going across the bridge. – [Jake] Yup. – [Mom] Oh, my goodness. We’re heading to Davy Jones’s Locker. Right, Jake? – [Jake] Yep. – [Mom] Let’s see if Davy Jones’ Locker, if they’re on this pirate ship. – Forward! – [Mom] Forward march. Wait. How do we get up that? – [Jake] Follow me. – [Mom] Okay, let’s keep going. We wanna get on the pirate ship. – [Dad] Is this the path? Let’s see. This does look familiar. I knew it. Did I not call it? I told you the girls would
be over here by this bridge. Because they would be wanting
to Instagram pictures. – [Jordan] Oh, my
goodness, they found, like, everybody first every time. – [Audrey] How was that,
going through the forests and the jungles and the caverns? – We were all the way up
there when we spotted you. – [Audrey] I know, I saw. – Yeah, we saw you. What? – [Dad] And cha-ching, we found you first. Yeah, buddy. – Okay, so, we couldn’t
get to Davy Jones’ Locker. That means we have to
go back to the bridge, face our fears, and see
if we can find them. You ready to go over the bridge? – Yeah! (drowned out) – Alright, let’s go. We gotta go find this bridge again. – Back through the maze. – I hope we don’t get
lost in the caves again. – And lots more stairs. – Oh, I’m so excited. – [Audrey] Oh, they’re on the
bridge, they’re on the bridge. – [Ty] Hide, hide. – [Dad] They have no idea where we’re at. – [Jordan] Oh, my goodness,
they don’t even see us. (Dad laughs) Dad, do your little whistle. – [Audrey] You guys can go. (Dad whistles)
– Thank you. (Dad whistles) – [Dad] I can’t believe
she ran across it. (laughs) – [Jordan] Ahh, she did a double take. (Dad laughs) – Jake, we gotta get over there. – [Dad] They are never gonna find us. They have no idea how
to get here. (laughs) Look at her go across, she’s so scared. She’s trying to act brave,
but she’s totally scared. (girls laugh) Now there he is. Where ya been? – We found you. We got lost in the caves. – [Ty] (mumbles) in the caves. – And then we went to Davy Jones’ Locker, and it was closed. And then we had to face our
fears on the tree bridge. And you weren’t there. – [Audrey] We were over here. – And then I heard a
whistle, and I went, “Hnn?” – [Audrey] Finally, you lost. – [Dad] You lost. – My legs from climbing stairs, ohh. – I think Audrey and
Jordan are in second place. – [Jordan] Yeah, wait, who’s in first? I think it’s… – (mumbles) – I think Team Shortstuff
took first place, ’cause we found everybody fast. – [Jake] Yeah. – Well, I say we came in second. – [Jake] What? – Alright, you guys, so
that’s it for today’s video. We hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, give it a big thumb’s up. Also, comment down below. Have you ever been to Disneyland, Paris? And if you haven’t, have
you ever been to Disneyland in California or Disney
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