Schneider Electric’s automation systems for Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

Schneider Electric’s automation systems for Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

Type Caption Text Here The Sydney to Hobart is probably the toughest race on the planet. It’s a real test of sailing, it attracts all the top yachts from all over the world. There are the four fastest 100ft yachts in the world, that makes it the world championship of sailing. The challenge of the race is the thing that drives any sportsman. The buzz, the adrenaline, the enthusiasm and the fire in the boat, it’s just spectacular. This race is one of the hardest yacht races in the world, we gather some the best sailors in the world to compete in this. To be a winning boat in the Sydney to Hobart race is once in a lifetime chance. You know, in our world of 100ft Maxi’s, if we want to gain an edge over our competitors we’ve got to be looking at using technology to give us the edge. Olectric has over 30 years of working in the racing industry, both on water and technically. We’ve worked closely with Schneider Electric to integrate all of these systems on all of these boats. The winches, the keels and the sail controls. The M580 is the latest in automation, which ultimately makes all these racing yacht faster and more reliable. The automation control on these boats is critically important. The Schneider Electric PLC has so many inputs into it so that we can know where our loads are and our rams are at any given time and that’s important with these 100ft Maxis’s. There are various inputs on the boat that feed directly into our PLC, which then display those numbers for the sailors on-board. A lot of technological changes have been put to the boat over the last 12 years. You need to tweak them, move them nd get it coordinated in the right sequence so the boat can perform at its best. With a combination of Olectric and Schneider, with there componentry being able to interface between the hardware, the software, the screens, it’s a great things for the boat to be reliable for this iconic race.

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  • April 20, 2018 at 1:48 am

    Proud to provide technology for so many boats in this great event. #LifeIsOn @ Schneider Electric


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