Seychelles HD: cruise to paradise – English Travel Guide

Seychelles HD: cruise to paradise – English Travel Guide

Ready for the island? This is the place
to be! My travel blog takes you along to the Seychelles. 115 islands offer everything you need for a perfect holiday. Caribbean water, fine sand
beaches and a steady temperature level between 24 and 30°C all year round Geographically, the Seychelles are a part
of Africa. Direct flights which take approximately 10 hours are advertised
for example by Condor from Frankfurt Airport Reaching the Seychelles is of
course also possible by changing flights: Including a short stop in Dubai, Emirates
flies from Munich to Mahé in about 13 hours The Seychelles are divided in the
so-called Inner and Outer Islands. The principal Island Mahé with its
international airport in the capital city of Victoria is one of the largest
ones Other large islands are Praslin, La Digue, Curieuse and Aride which are also
popular excursions and travel destinations Just in time for this
video, there is a small premiere: For the first time in the history of my travel blog, I am
in the southern hemisphere. To be exact at 4 degrees south in the Seychelles
archipelago. This island nation’s land mass spreads over an area of 170 000 square miles in the Indian Ocean. You can choose between
staying in one of the many islands or taking a round trip, for example on a
sailing yacht Water is the predominant element in the
Seychelles: As far as only the Inner islands are concerned, a water area of overall
12,000 square miles surrounds a land mass of not more than
100 square miles. Mathematically speaking, yet the most
densely populated areas of the Seychelles consists of 99% of water of
the Indian Ocean. Even without using a calculator it should be evident now
while especially sailing vessels are the backbone of the Seychellois. Admittedly,
smaller heliports or short grass runways are in place, but they are frequented by
private planes are used for transportation in an emergency. Therefore only fee-based ferries or tours aboard smaller ships are available for going island hopping. This
is where sailing yachts as the “Sea Bird” step in offering an interesting holiday. “Silhouette Cruises” for example offers
7-day sailing trips across the Seychelles Each of the fours sailing vessels
provides enough space for approximately 20 passengers and the boat’s crew. Traveling with one of their yachts gives you the opportunity of visiting a
different island every day. Sailing can be comfortable. However, with the
throttle full open, the ship sails not so slow anymore. In the event that it lacks
a strong wind, the ship is equipped with two diesel engines so the destination
for the next day will be reached definitely. The 140-ft long yacht can obtain a maximum speed up to 60 mph. At least until
its crew drops anchor and the passengers get ready for visiting another island. Only few Seychelles Islands have harbors available which are suited for sailing ships. Therefore many yachts have a dinghy With these small motorized ship’s
boats, the private transportation from the anchorage takes only a few minutes. The first stop of our cruise is La Digue. On the fourth-largest island there are
no cars except for a few taxis that are used by tourists. The local inhabitants
go either by oxcart or bicycle. If you have none of these, you can rent a bike
already at the harbor for about 10 EUR per day The island’s
unmistakable highlight: The “Anse Source d’Argent” with its spectacular granite rocks
which divide the beach into numerous fantastic sections where every holiday
maker will find their fitting spot Literally translated the beach’s name
means “source of money”, which is quite adequate. This coastal area’s impressive
landscape has often been used as a filming location. Due to its role as a
setting for a commercial for hard liquor it got the nickname “Barcadi Bay” Nevertheless, this dream beach is best enjoyed soberly. Just in case La Digue with its 2,200
inhabitants is actually too stressful for you, its neighboring island in the
north “Grande Soeur” is a great excursion destination. With a bit of luck, you have
the entire island to yourself Grand Soeur is privately owned, so a day trip to paradise costs about 20 EUR. You don’t need to
be an athlete to walk across the island Getting to the other side takes
only about one minute Maybe you can spot some almost extinct Seychelles giant tortoises along the way. These turtles originated from the Aldabra atoll of the Outer Islands. Petting the animals is of course permitted. With 115 Seychelles
islands, the question that arises is where to begin with your sightseeing. The
fact that the periphery’s islands are 600 miles away from the main island Mahé doesn’t make it easier. Regardless of your starting point, there are dream beaches everywhere Dream beaches? Sure! But who said they were easy to reach? Going ashore on Airde, you get the shock of your life. You are not
transported by dingy, but by an inflatable raft. Personal belongings are
therefore neatly waterproof. In the absence of a harbor the raft then crashes
onto the beach at full speed Among experts, this is called a “beach
landing”. As a reward for this slightly uncomfortable rush of adrenaline, you can see bird life in its natural state on Aride In the 1960s the coconut plantations were closed down and the island was declared a nature reserve. Up to 1.3 million seabirds breed on Aride Island which is currently managed by the
“Island Conservation Society” The island’s only inhabitants are the nature reserves employees, who take care of the protection of the bird life and
vegetation as well as the preservation of the indigenous geckos and breeding
turtles honorarily. If you look closely enough to the forest soil, you will be
able to sneak peek of even some hermit craps. Many Seychelles islands and atolls are great destination for daytrips, whereas the second
largest land mass of the Seychelles has enough hotels and resorts for an entire
holiday. Praslin is reachable by ferry from the capital Victoria or by airplane. Air Seychelles flies with prop driven airplanes from Mahé to Praslin up to 20 times a day Therefore this island is an excellent
destination for holidays lasting one or several weeks for which you don’t even
need a cruise ship. During your stay on Praslin don’t miss visiting the National Park “Valée de Mai” This densely overgrown valley in the center of the
island has been declared a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 1983. In return for
a high entrance fee you can gain an insight into the Seychelles flora and
fauna, which has been able to develop over millions of years because of the
island’s isolated position. The so-called “Coco de Mer” serves as an outstanding example for this development. These endemic palm trees have officially the biggest
seed of the entire world vegetation. With a length of up to 30 feet and a weight of 100 pounds, this coconut beats every record. The rest of the plant
however gross very slowly. As a matter of fact, its growth is limited to one leaf a year. Seven years go by easily until a coconut is finally ready
for harvest. Now shortly before the end of my travelogue, I would like to give hikers a little tip: If you like to see more than only
dream beaches, Curieuse Island gives you little variety. Because of its reddish
soil, Curieuse was called “isle rouge” by its inhabitants It served as a home for lepers
especially in the 19th century Seychelles giant tortoises are likely to
find on Curieuse just like they are on Grand Soeur. It is allowed to feed these
tame and good-natured herbivores Nevertheless be careful: They are much
faster than expected. After you fed them be prepared to be followed by them at
least for a while If you are a good walker, you have the
possibility to discover the flora in the center of the island. A trail leads from
the research station in the island’s east to the so called “Doctor’s House” at the south coast. This hike takes about one hour and its highlight is a mangrove
forests which tourists can cross over wooden walkways The view from the island’s highest point over its outbacks, bays and of course neighboring islands such as Praslin or La Digue is nothing to be scoffed at I hope you enjoyed my travel video about
this cruise around this Seychelles All written travel reports can be found on
my travel blog. For more videos please visit my channel. Thank you for watching
and see you next time

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