Shetland #1: Copenhagen to Hven | Sailing Ramsalt

Shetland #1: Copenhagen to Hven | Sailing Ramsalt

After lots of preparations we were finally
ready to leave our harbor in Copenhagen for this year trip to the Shetland Islands But our first destination was the Swedish
island of Hven We set the sails, but in the horizon
dark clouds were looming and soon the rain was pouring down and the wind faded The rain was replaced by a beautiful
summer day and we could sail on We dropped the anchor at the eastern side
of Hven, protected from the westerly winds and took the dinghy to the shore In the evening we prepared some food, popped
a bottle of bubbles and viewed a truly spectacular sunset as the only boat in the anchorage The next day we set out exploring the island
and our first stop was the local goat cheese business After a long day of exploring we had a typical
Swedish dinner of herring and potatos. It was already Sunday and Maria had to get back
to work in Copenhagen Unfortunately the toilet had clogged and I
ended up spending a few hours unscrewing the whole toilet system, not very fun to say the
least! I spent the evening fishing and thinking about
the onward journey

One thought on “Shetland #1: Copenhagen to Hven | Sailing Ramsalt

  • April 21, 2016 at 9:30 pm

    I'm sure the local goat cheese was delicious! The best local homemade icecream we ever ate was in Gedser, Denmark 🙂


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