Shurhold @ IBEX Boat Builders Show 2017

Shurhold @ IBEX Boat Builders Show 2017

[MUSIC PLAYING] OK, so today we drove
across the state. We are now in Tampa. The storms have passed. The convention center and
most of the Tampa area has power back. And everything’s good. And we are doing
the IBEX boat show, which is the International
Boat Builders convention and conferences. This is where boat
builders come and they train on different techniques of
laying fiberglass and building boats. And here at the expo we
have our 10 foot booth. And we’re going to be going
over with a lot of the boat builders about our
polishers, polishing products, the compounds. And everyone’s just
getting set up today. Today’s setup day. You can see all the way
down the aisle people have been working all day. They’re almost done. They’re rolling the carpet
down, getting it all set up. They’ll get it vacuumed. And then tomorrow we’ll
start our three day show. We’re hoping to work
with a lot of OEM and boat builders on
our new bucket kits so they can deliver
them with the boats just the same way Marine
Max does with all new boats and with Cravall Boats
does with all new boats. And also Viking for that matter. So we’re hoping to meet a lot
of boat builders, work with them to put together some custom
kits that can be delivered with their new boats. And I’m going to
also walk around the show for the
next couple of days, see what’s new and interesting. I’m going to share
that with you guys here as we round out the show. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK, so it’s day one of the show. It has been an
excellent day so far. The show aisles as you can
see are full of people. Sam’s talking to some customers
right now in the boat– in the booth, I should say,
about some of our compounds they’re looking to use in their
ship’s store and boatyard. And again, just an excellent
day here at the IBEX convention center. A little bit later
when it slows down, maybe tomorrow, next day,
take you guys around, show you some of
the cool products that are being innovated
here at this year’s show. [MUSIC PLAYING] So we’re over at
the Sunbrella booth. One of the cool
new things here is they got a really
cool new zipper. It comes in all the
different Sunbrella colors. It is more weatherproof, in that
it doesn’t let as much water or wind through. And they’re about to do
a segment with the guys from Ship Shape TV over here. We got John and the whole
crew that we normally shoot with over in
the Sunbrella booth. One of the cool things
I found at the show so far is this right here. This is called an
easy anchor puller. And unlike a windless that
we have on the Shurhold vessel where it
just pulls the rope and it piles it in the
anchor locker below, it all reels onto this reel. And it’s got the strength
to handle the anchor. And you don’t even need to
cleat it off when you’re done. Everything gets coiled
up neatly on this. So this is something we’re
looking at possibly adding to our boat in the coming year. Because we’ve had times
when we’ve been off shore running for a
while, and it just tosses that like a spaghetti. And the chain and the
rope get all tangled in and it just made
it a horrible mess. Took two, three hours when
we were in the Bahamas last to get it all on tangled. This turns anchoring
into a one person job. Anchor goes in or out
with the push of a switch. You don’t have to
worry about a windlass. You don’t have to worry about
where the rope or the chain is. It’s actually one
of the great things that we’ve found here at IBEX. And really excited about it. OK, so now I’m in the
[INAUDIBLE] booth. And we actually have one
of these on our boats. This is an automatic
outboard flushing system. And it takes your shore
water and it times it once through each engine. And what are the
times that it goes? 15 minutes or 7 1/2 minutes. 15 minutes or 7 1/2 minutes
whether you press the button once or you press it twice. And we’ve got four outboards. So that’s a lot of
time to sit there, keep moving a hose around. And it’s been great. We just plug in the
hose on the boat, press the button on the
machine, and then it goes through all four
ports through each one of our engines. And we get just a great flush. And we don’t have to worry
about degrading our boat from all the salt water. So, another great vendor here
at IBEX, and just having a great show. And again, something we have
on the boat and we love it. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK, so the IBEX show is over. We’re all loaded up. Sam and I got the
pickup truck all loaded, leaving the
convention center now. IBEX 2017 is over and behind us. It was a great show, saw a
lot of great new products, met with a lot of boat
builders, and now we’re just headed back
across the state, about a three hour drive. And back to Shurhold
tomorrow morning. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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