Snorkeling Techniques & Tips : Look Out for Boats: Snorkeling Safety Techniques

On behalf of, my name is
Raymond Temeyer with Lost Island Voyages, and we also have with us Valerie Kevorkian
from Tarpoon Lagoon Dive Center in Miami Beach. We’re going to talk about snorkeling today
and all the opportunities that it provides. When you’re snorkeling in unsupervised areas,
a big concern is local boating traffic. You want boaters to be aware of you in the water.
When you’re snorkeling, you are barely visible on the surface. Your body is almost even with
the surface of the water and you’re snorkel might stick out of the water a little bit,
but it’s not very visible for boaters. Once again, if you want to go to your local dive
shop and look for some equipment. This being a dive flag, which you can tow along in the
water with you by a sting and local boaters will be able to see you in the water and they’ll
spot this dive flag. This flag is know by most boaters as diver down flag, but also
indicated people in the water snorkeling, so that they will know that you’re in the
area. So remember, when you’re in unsupervised areas, you want to have a dive flag for safety,
and in most states it is the law, that it is required to have this flag while you’re

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