SpongeBob Lights, Camera, Pants! Part 2 (PC) Krusty Krab & Boating School

SpongeBob Lights, Camera, Pants! Part 2 (PC) Krusty Krab & Boating School

hi buddy boy you might have an exciting
day what are you up to hey spongebob I just finished setting up
my new business oh yeah well be the first to welcome you to the all-new
starfish lemon aid a cup a day keeps your thirst
away can I have a cup of your lemonade what size do you want regular huge super
or mega oh I just realized I don’t have any money so I can’t buy any no big deal
pal every size is free except me huh where did you get the stuff to build
this band oh I borrowed it from the dumpster
behind the Krusty Krab can you believe old man Krabs would
actually throw this stuff away um Patrick why would anyone pay for a mega
sized cup when they could just order a regular one for free okay coming right
up whoo barnacles sorry spongebob I only
have mega sized cups did your 25 cents just come back gone to tentacle acres good riddance
this is signed by Squidward where is tentacle acres anyway now just relax
mister crops getting yourself upset is just not going to help well that’s easy
for you to say you’re not the one who’s like woo what’s wrong mr. Krabs they’d
like to tell you me boy but it’s just horrible to put into words the Krusty Krab closing down no did a
customer find a scale in the galley grub again it’s much worse lad alright I’ll
tell you oh I told you it was terrible boy now please let me alone your
youthful energy is just too much really so glad to bear are you knocking yes and
I’m attending to my patient right now if you need anything please ask me quickly why can’t mr. krabs count money anymore
unfortunately mr. Krabs is suffering from a rare condition called greediest
crustacean Asst – cheapest better known as Clapham tunnel syndrome do you
usually make house the business calls are you kidding I hardly even spent time
with the patients that come into my office I was on my lunch break when this
cheapskate pull me in here I’m obligated to treat anyone in need due to the
strict radical is there anything I can do to help mr. Krabs
only the Royal fry cook who wields the golden spatula can create a patty pure
enough to cure mr. Krabs where can I find the golden spatula the golden
spatula can be found at the fry Cook’s Museum here in bikini bottom but well
you should go see for yourself my fry grill is like an artist’s canvas for
creating mouth-watering masterpieces I wonder what’s in here money money money business has been
pretty slow do you have the 25 cents yet I’ll take one mega cup of lemonade wow
that was serious stuff that was great lemonade this business is gonna be a hit
I forgot to get more cups though that was my last my only one oh yes I’m going
out of business good for you well now that you’re out of a job would
you like to be in the new adventures of mermaidman and barnacleboy oh whatever
wait I just know you’ll be a big hey watch it I know I’m a little out of
shape right now no need to rub it in I hope I still fit in my barnacleboy
costume I’ll see you over on the side pal hello hey there you look like a growing
boy wanna buy a weenie to help you get big and strong isn’t this the fried coke museum yeah I
know I know but business is really slow these days
besides the weenie although often overlooked is a cornerstone of the fast
food market nice hat didn’t your parents teach you
not to mock people no no I really do like your hat
oh thanks hey this may sound a little strange but
how would you like to be in a TV show well that would be great but I have all
these weenies I have to sell no problem everyone on set will be hungry I bet
they’d love some weenies really well could I wear my hat in the show I hope
that you do great sign me up whoa the first jumbo paddy totally a
historic artifact not so fast pal you have to talk to me
if you want to get any closer hey hold it right there buddy
only official ride books can attempt to pull the golden spatula out of the fat
of ancient Greece but I am a fry cook and I need that spatula to help a friend
of mine yeah sure kid hey I’ll tell you what if you can answer some questions
I’ll let you try it’s not like some kid could ever pull the golden spatula out
right okay ready you betcha are you a Frankel yeah I already told you that no yeah I
forgot okay next well do you work that krusty krab of course ah the finest
establishment in bikini bottom maybe you are for real let’s see who is your box my boss is mr. Eugene Krabs the most
generous crustacean in all of Bikini Bottom generous okay then you’re almost
done once it makes the Krusty Krab soon famous the krabby patty nothing can rival the
delicious might of this amazing fat food delicacy now I’m hungry finally how is a
krabby patty correctly put together easy bottom bun patty ketchup mustard
pickles onions lettuce cheese tomato top bun in that order
unbelievable you may be the one now that you passed my test feel free to
try your luck up on the podium whoso pulleth out that spatula from that vat
of ancient greece is rightwise dubbed the Royal fry cook hey now that your job is pretty much
done in here would you like to be on the new adventures of mermaidman you have
won the Royal fry cook my will is just great play the maiden of the sea what a
delicious penny I can always count on you laddie and get your raise but I
would want to cheapen your heroic deeds don’t need to cheapen my services either
you’ll receive my bill in the mail you’re all the same one minute you’re
travelling me like a wee babe and ladies there get a gaff in me side mr. Krabs
how would you like to be rich and famous ha ha I’m all ready those things me boy
you can never be too rich exactly want to be in a television show afters get
paid tons of money that’s music to my ears lead follow the smell of money over
to the set accent how would you like to be an actor on
television I’m a doctor not an actor I’d say you’re dramatic enough to be an
actor well they have to work any harder than I did here
no and boy are you unnatural and acting like a doctor by okay I’ll do it all right class today is your final
voting exam on each of your desks is a blank sheet of paper please write a
100-word essay describing what you learned in boating school also be sure
to use pencils only kill the trade hey Marty the combination to my locker the answers have questions I wouldn’t
have a problem last time I know I had it I was in the play yard but I wasn’t a
rush to get to class I must have lost it out there can I cheer you up I don’t
think so I’m so bored right now I wish I need
something fun to do I’m is it Bob spongebob I’ve already given the
instructions for the test now please take your seat and start writing your
essay I musta left mine at home I missed the good old days children used
to Revere their teachers they would give them juicy apples to show their love and
appreciation and in return the teacher would give them a nice new pencil Oh mrs. puff isn’t it a little early for us
to be taking the final exam I mean a school year only started yesterday
don’t be silly spongebob I’m confident in the boating skills of this class
besides the faster you graduate the faster I can go on vacation I have something fun you can do oh yeah
what want to be in a TV show starring mermaidman and barnacleboy you bet I
would Murray man is so awesome strange I didn’t see this a minute ago it’s combination chip work

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  • September 19, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    I love how the soundtrack is the same to “Employee of the Year”’s. Adds to the nostalgia factor.

  • September 20, 2019 at 1:39 am

    Heh, his last MEGA cup


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