SpongeBob’s Boating Bash All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (Wii)

SpongeBob’s Boating Bash All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (Wii)

ah mes amis (my friends) we meet again in the sleepy
town of bikini bottom it is a most important day for spongebob horn not
only is it the day of his boating school exam it is also the last test of the
year should he fail spongebob will face another whole year of boating school and
the turn signal very good spongebob you passed the oral exam of course yes and
if we can only get you to put your knowledge to practical use you might
just pass this test oh no that’s what I always have trouble
this time spongebob we’re going to go through it slowly together to calm your
nerves and then you can try it on your own how does that sound
as long as these pants are square and this sponge is Bob I won’t let you down
we’ll just see about that well spongebob I am so pleased you did
that very well now it’s time for you to do it all by yourself I myself will yes
you need to be able to drive the course by yourself in order to get your license
I don’t know do you think I’ll do okay mrs. puff I’m sure you’ll do just fine
just fine okay so what’s the first thing you do i Lawrence Lawrence no no
spongebob don’t for it or it why sponge so did I pass this time mrs.
Bob no spongebob not this time what seems to be the problem son I
failed my driving test again well you shouldn’t let that get you down you can
always take it again oh my where I’m sure they’ll have another test you can
take soon it was the last one of the year uh-huh
I see I do anything to get my license well you’re in luck son how am I in luck
you’re lucky that you filled your test right is I was pulling up to this bus
stop I’m afraid I haven’t had the chance to introduce myself
Seymour scales is the name pleased to meet you pleased to meet you and what’s
your name son spongebob well hello spongebob my boy you’re gonna get your
license to drive this year or my name is in seymour scales I am yes you are
there’s fate would have it I am a certified driving instructor who can
teach you to drive with my special patented learn to drive system you can
yes sir with my learn to drive system I can teach anyone to drive in only five
short classes you can teach me how to drive absolutely drive is a very simple
system that teaches the five key things that every driver should know
destruction recklessness impairment velocity and escape are you saying I
should destroy things and drive recklessly absolutely not why Drive
we’ll teach you what a poor driver is so that you can use that knowledge to help
become a better driver all right then spongebob are you ready
to sign up young man yes I am where’s spongebob now that you’ve got the basic
idea are you ready to start your lessons your destruction lessons will be graded
on how many car parts you can collect before the time runs out also knocking
into other cars and wrecking stuff on the track will give you a chance to
floor it more often how you do that you did great son now for the next class I’m
gonna need you to bring a friend to help well I could see a packet wants to help
fantastic I’ll see you and Patrick at your next class does this word get to
wreck SpongeBob’s car well I was just about to say it’s time for you boys to
get breakfast that glass I thought you wanted me to wrap more yummy reckless is
to be careless and that’s exactly what you’re going to do now
but you Patrick it’ll be an awful lot like bumper cars
yeah bumper cars what are bumper cars yeah never mind it’s only 15 clams for
you to sign up what do I have to do just help spongebob by smashing and crashing
the more he smashes the more Parts I can collect and a more Drive points he earns
to pay for his lessons so what do you say no man Patrick and with all of those
drive points I’ll have my license in no time
are those great is that sandy we should get her to cup driver this – no no no
you think they drive like that in Texas Oh spongebob get his license golly
that’s just about the best news I’ve heard all day
hey sandy do you want to help it’s only 15 clams to sign up well I guess I could
give it a try that was more fun than a hoedown throwdown on the 2nd March
hoedown how wonderfully podesta so sorry I missed your invitation now what’s with
all the racket oh we were helping spongebob get his
license open spongebob license did I miss something Patrick’s been living
under a rock not me squidward you have a Troy while I
appreciate the offer there’s nothing I would like less than to help sponge my
find his way to the open roads consign so you’ll be the bloke I heard about
trying to fit a square sponge in a round hole come again friend I can see what
you’re up to I may have been born at night mister but I wasn’t born last
night I don’t think I follow mr. Krabs Eugene H Krabs ah at the Krusty Krab I
presume well sir I simply am providing a service to this young man I’m sure you
are what’s in it for me you I get such satisfaction teaching and well I see
where you’re coming from why don’t you step into my office and we can work
something out okay now you’re talking me language it’s as if everyone in Bikini
Bottom has gone mad what is Krabs’s angle here I must seize
this opportunity to get my hands on those Krabby Patties but how oh I see it
I see it it’s becoming increasingly obvious you know my little yellow friend I
couldn’t help noticing your lessons going on here
ah I did I did I wonder how is it that a fry cook can
afford such high-end private driving lessons what if I told you that you
could get that license of yours for free I think you were trying to trick me no
I’m just an honest businessman trying to make a living no I tell you what I’ll
pay for the remainder of your lessons all you have to do is just give me one
of those scrumptious Krabby Patties no not steel trade the answers still no
well then you better hold on to your steering wheel because I’m going to get
a krabby patty with or without your help mr. scales sinus plug get up lunge Bob
you’re really coming along just one more set of lessons and I’ll be on my way I
mean you’ll be on your way to getting your license license I can’t wait I
can’t wait I get wait there’s still plenty of work to do your next lessons
will be the hardest the last part of the drive system is escape you’ll need to
collect a set number of car parts while avoiding all the other drivers coming
after you you really have to work hard to not get hit hmm I’ll just do the
opposite of what I’ve been doing right right you know what would make this
easier boy Patrick what is it man sponge I know what we need
I mean to the Shady shoals retirement home the last time we saw our
crime-fighting duo they were in the clutches of evil
darn kids did you have to say that sorry man can I borrow the invisible
boatmobile up please how many times do I have to tell you kids that boat is for
fighting crime not for crazy joyriding we’re not joy riding my license that
boatmobile is not for learning to drive it’s for fighting injustice for battling
ruthless enemies of freedom for battling evil hero tell brother
I’ll give it a wash promise to be careful I won’t put a scratch on it not
a scratch whatever bring it home back for ready birth dinner
settle down friends settle down we don’t want to make the boy nervous come on
over son spongebob you have done extremely well in your lessons why I
could not be proud of you if you were my own boy but you do have to finish your
exams I’m afraid before I can give you your license to drive do you think
you’re ready I don’t know if I’m ready mr. scales but I’ll do my best
fantastic spongebob what in heaven’s name is going on someone’s trying to
teach spongebob to drive and from the looks of it they’re doing it’s time to
go and find out what’s going on over there that man actually teaches
spongebob to drive I’ll have to move and start a new driving school well done
well done right you are you come on over here
and let’s get you that license to drive stand just like that very good now hold
still friends may I have your attention it is my great honor to present
SpongeBob SquarePants fair citizen of Bikini Bottom with his
very own license to drive I would like to thank all of the little people who
made this day possible – mr. Krabs I thank you for allowing me to work
triple overtime to pay you for the chance to take these lessons Patrick
Patrick my dear friend and of course mrs. puff where would I be without spongebob how exciting see your license
there you go mrs. puff I present my license just as I suspected my eyes blue
no what I meant was but they are blue sea yes spongebob but what I meant was
pretty pink yes very pretty but this license it’s bu diva it’s beautiful yes
but I’m afraid it’s not real I’m afraid you’ve been had spongebob
I trusted you you can’t judge me after all that it was just a scam I would have
pulled it off too if it wasn’t for mrs. Puff’s meddling around I guess I’m not
gonna get my license after all that’s okay spongebob you could always take
classes from mrs. puff again next year no need to thank me spongebob what have I done

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    Spongebob boating kart Wii featuring Mario and Luigi

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    Patrick :look spongebob know hands ! Now that was funny pun right there

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    This was the second Racing Game SpongeBob appeared in the first Being Nicktoons Racing


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