Sprint Racing Basics

This is the Bear Mountain Boats war canoe challenge. I can’t wait to see this. These are our Canadian kids and our truly
Canadian boat, the C15 – the Canadian 15. Seven paddlers a side and a steers person in the back. Bear Mountain Boats has been a perennial favorite for racers to contest
the war canoe event. They do a great job putting these beautiful crafts together.
Again, 15 paddlers in this boat seven a side and the coxswain in the back. The
war canoes have to start at just above the line because of the scaffolding
underneath. You don’t want to damage that start system – they are very expensive and
fine pieces of machinery. And they’re off to a start, a clean start! And a great finish here by Burloak on
the inside bottom of your screen followed very closely by Mississauga
with the white nose on their boat oh what a great finish in the Bear Mountain
boat war canoe challenge. Yeah these Bear Mountain canoes are a part of every
canoe club in Canada. So important – they’re beautiful boats excellently
crafted and a lot of fun to paddle…

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