Sun Safe Boating with Mike Schmidt

Sun Safe Boating with Mike Schmidt

Hi I’m Mike Schmidt, former Philadelphia Phillies third baseman. Welcome aboard the Marvelous, a boat I named after my two beautiful little granddaughters, Marlo and Valerie. What I like to do when I’m on the water? Well as an older guy right now, I’m 65 years old, I kind of like to do this… I kind of like to go out throw the hook down and put some music on and just sit back and enjoy the beauty of a spot like this. I’ve been boating pretty seriously for almost 25 years now. I retired in 1989 so ever since then I think I’ve tried every boat in the industry. I boat in Florida, boat here in in Rhode Island in the Portsmouth Newport area. I love it up here in the summertime. I really love boating. I think it’s because I’m kind of a mechanical guy… I like to see things work, I like to work on things, I like to shine, I like to mess with my stuff. There was a time when I love to fish, do a little diving and used to unfortunately spend a lot of time in the sun which I don’t do so much anymore. This boat is very special for me because one of the things that has that I need on a boat right now since I was diagnosed two years ago with stage four melanoma, is sun screening and safety. It’s so very important to me because a couple years ago I was actually right about to this date I was diagnosed with stage four melanoma. As you can see I have some light skin and spent my whole life in the sun, so it kind of caught up with me. I was very lucky that the doctor found it on my back, had surgery, did some chemotherapy, some radiation and everything. And the good news is at this point in time right now I am cancer-free. I got a wake-up call couple years ago and I don’t go out on a boat without everything I need for sun safety. I think it’s a big reason why I’m able to be out on my boat as much as I am. Sun protection has become a major, major thing for me. There are many ways you can protect yourself from harmful sun rays when you’re on your boat. First, get yourself a wide-brimmed hat, check your ears and your facial skin. Get yourself a long sleeve shirt. Man I wear long sleeve shirts all the time when I’m out on my boat. Sunscreen – don’t just put it on once in the morning reapply it throughout the day. And if you can find shade when the sun’s at hottest… Get in it!

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  • June 24, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    Great video and great cause to keep everyone #sunsafe while #boating!


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