Tennessee Fishermen Surprised By Game Wardens

Tennessee Fishermen Surprised By Game Wardens

today is 4th of July we’re out on
Barkely, Lake Barkley in Clarksville just below McGregor Park and basically
myself I’m Dale Grandstaff I’m the officer one of the officers in
Montgomery County had long with me Mike Murdock out of Robertson County and we
are looking for boating violations probably over today and the main thing
we probably see, is another life jackets registration violations on the boat we
also look for a fire extinguisher throw cushion those are the four main things
we also look for reckless operation and the big thing for a holiday weekend like
this is all the alcohol so we’re really looking for the alcohol last night we
had one arrest on Old Hickory we were down there at least one and then one one
the night before but that’s basically what we’re out here trying to keep
everybody safe on a holiday weekend like where are you from the Red River I get
to go visit everybody else is water that guy he’s leaving because he’s got a
mirror they can observe the lady being told already has to have someone 12
years old or older to observe and the two kids are probably 10 years or
younger so they didn’t be illegal to watch the ski or the person being told
but he has that mirror that makes him legal on that boat this is a Smith’s
branch access area it’s what’s kind of growing up it’s a tea debris access area
now and we’re coming in here looking for people leaving a litter or fishing basically doing any type of violations
what we’ve got it was grown up we had a group of people out of community taylors
taxidermy cabin teats and Brenda’s wife and their kids and several volunteers
came down and we dated mowed and cleaned it up and picked the trash up and they
hauled a bunch of trash out of the area but it looks really good now we’re gonna
try to keep it cleaned up and get a few picnic tables down here make it a good
family place to come to it was rough at times as far as a few
people are coming down hanging out see they can’t have that alcohol here yeah we got signs no alcohol and of our access areas no
off-roading no driving off the road we got signs up we’ve got several signs
saying no alcohol here and I’m assuming it’s those two guys and of course
they’re fishing we’ll go in and check them and see what what they’ve got they can claim it’s not those I guess
but then we is this y’all step over here okay we get
over and shake it have you got a fishing license we do
what okay we’re batting you’re in your cooler here
open your to it for me yeah and you get your IDs with you just so
much for me look at them they to get their access area access a we’re no
alcohol no alcohol we got about ten or twelve signs that a big sign right when
you come in check here I do so any of the accessories teed up very accessories
really definitely got a passport I’m gonna check them first of all I’m
around them because that one guy he didn’t have an ID as he says passport
it’s all you got tan for possible petition to revoke so they’re looking could you tend on that you broke up on
me ten-four now I’m gonna call the Sheriff’s Department see if they’ll send
someone down to transport maybe I got any any weapons anything on you okay
just take your hands out let me check real quick just turn around for me you
have anything on wallet okay just keep your hands up for me I’ll put it all
back in your pocket I tell you what just so it’s confirmed
going put your hands around behind your back put the cigarette down okay okay –
Tyler okay good okay
I just come right over here gonna flip around he’s just turn around nothin oniy
sorry nothing on you no you’re not any treble he’s got a you want
oh come file thank you sorry that’s no problem just not will admit you know is
he driving or do you drive okay you brought it okay go in turn just there
you go no just keep your hands everything okay cellphone that’s it okay ask you your hate even smoking in
this witty okay okay I got a couple couple of things a scene
over winning well basically you pull up the spot like
this and they were fishing for students in
fishing but they did pose so when I check them and alcohol that was the main
thing no alcohol on any of our accessories and you just have to read
the signs when you driving in because it’s clearly marked on the signs and so
I was going to issue citations on the alcohol but when I ran him he was wanted
he had a warrant on file so just handcuff him or before I hand kept him I
searched him and he had this small bag of marijuana so what’s gonna happen we
will have this court as evidence in court and it will be disposed that once
the court hearings he knew something was going to happen though he knew he put
his pants on first he please clothes on he got ready he knew something was gonna
happen to he was gone so if he had too much to drink you never know what he
what he was table would but everything turned it okay
a special thanks to officers Jeremy Odom Dale grant staff and Mike Murdock for
taking the time to tell us a little about the important functions for the
Tennessee Wildlife Resources a join us next week for another exciting
adventure on Clarksville outdoors

5 thoughts on “Tennessee Fishermen Surprised By Game Wardens

  • July 29, 2019 at 12:08 am

    fucking cops

  • July 30, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    "We Wish more people would come enjoy the outdoors and our beatiful lakes across the state. I dunno why they don't wanna come?" -TVA

  • August 4, 2019 at 10:41 pm

    Enjoy the natural high of nature. No need to drink it up and be stoned. This is what is wrong with America. Idiots like this litter and pollute our parks and waterways. Good job busting them.

  • August 5, 2019 at 8:42 am

    Showing how to disturb people 's need for some peace.

  • October 2, 2019 at 5:47 am

    People that don't like the department of parks and wildlife are the very ones you'll catch taking home overlimits, spotlighting, and refusing to buy hunting and fishing licenses. Basically the same people who would leave a campsite trashed and destroy the natural resources we should preserve for our future generations…. wouldn't be shocked if they drive drunk and then blame the 'system' when they get busted.

  • October 7, 2019 at 10:34 pm



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