The Busbys Pack for a Family Cruise | OutDaughtered

Are you excited for Disney? Yeah! Who are you excited
to see the most? Mickey? [SCREAMING] I think they’re excited. Today’s the big day. It’s the start of our vacation. What about Captain Hook? Captain Hook? The ship doesn’t
depart till tomorrow, but we have a two
hour flight to Florida first, so we’re playing it
safe and going a day early. Because there is no way
we’re missing this ship. Too heavy. [DOORBELL] Somebody’s here. What up? Who’s ready to party? You ready to party? This year, no one’s being
left out of family vacation. I mean, everyone’s coming. We have Mimi going,
Adam’s parents going. Both of my sisters
and their families. And for some reason, [INAUDIBLE]
showed up in the same outfit as me. Y’all look like Kriss Kross. We’ve also got two baby
sitters coming, Taylor and Deb. Once my sister, Kayla,
and her four daughters show up tomorrow, it’ll be
a grand total of 26 people. I think we’re going
to need a bigger ship. Did y’all sleep good last
night, waiting for today? I woke up to a pounding
noise at 3:30 in the morning. Ava and Olivia are
in Riley’s room. Ava and Olivia took
their whole beds apart, and the curtains are open. The bed is off of the bed. The mattress. 3:30 in the morning. Oh, god. [SCREAMING] These girls didn’t sleep well,
which is a recipe for disaster. But I’m hoping the
excitement of meeting Mickey Mouse face to
face is going to get them through this flight. Bus is here. Ah, sweet. It’s go time. Yeah, it sure is. Let’s go! Let’s go! Load the bus! Woo! That better? Is everybody ready? You good? Everybody see the kids? One, two, three,
four– where’s Blake? Everybody, find a seat. I hope Disney’s
ready for the Busby’s.

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