The top ten WORST cruise passengers

Well, Ahoy there cruisers! We’re going to tell you the top ten worst type of cruise passengers you can get. So you don’t have to be like them. And the worst type of cruise passenger are people who do not subscribe to our channel. Is that you? If it is you make sure you subscribe
right now. So you stay up to date with our latest videos. And we love you lots. For the number-one person is the one who wines. They do nothing but complain and
whine about absolutely everything on board and they have to make sure
everybody else around them hears as well. Why’d you keep looking at me when you
say that Benedict? I wasn’t, I was looking at the camera. I hate hearing people whine don’t you. Some things you do need to have a whine about. But this is the serial whiner who does nothing but complain at every single little detail throughout the cruise. I mean I love a good moan as much as the next person. I mean we’re British, we’d love to complain. But obviously, you might be having a bad experience but somebody else might not be. It’s their vacation as well, don’t bring the whole room down with your moaning. And you’ll usually find this person spends half of their vacation stood in guest services lining up to speak and complain to somebody. Or shouting somebody – some
staff member around the ship. Number two is the one who is rude. I think I was just rude I’m very sorry. These are the cruisers that you will
find being really rude to the staff – the crew. They’re not polite to other passengers and they’re just not a nice person to be around. They boss the entire crew run like their their personal slaves. Slaves? Yes slaves. I thought I said something else there. I don’t know, I don’t want to say. [Laughing] They boss the crew around like they’re their personal slaves. Snapping their fingers and wafting them over in the restaurant. Yeah this is the person who never says
please or thank you. But is really stuck up and really rude. So keep give them a wide berth. Oh again, people who look at the phone while the crews talking to them. This really does my – Give them seconds of your time. So it’s like;
“Madam what would you like to eat tonight…” like…. Hello stop looking at your phone. That winds me up in supermarkets, never mind on a cruise. Rude. You’ve got to be courteous and respectful for everybody. Because you’re going to meet a lot of different cultures. Loads of different places
the world and we completely understand that there are some cultures, especially
in Europe, where they’re a little bit more aggressive. But there’s still no excuse of being super rude. So number three is the one who cannot
control their children. So we have no problem with children being on a cruise. But these are the ones who have the screaming children running wild all over the place. Bumping into you, making so much noise and just aggravating everybody. This might split our audience. Because I imagine a few of you have had it when your child has been running wild and you’ve waited to pull your hair out. It’s not even about that. It’s usually the parent who sat there having a drink, just completely ignore their behaviour. alking to each other. c Like guys that control your kid um this is not a nursery. Yeah, because we’ve had our nephews
who have been playing up before. What we usually do is, or their parents
do is, just take him away for a little bit. So take him out the restaurant or
take him for a walk or something like that But it’s the – Oh it’s the ones who are sat just ignore them on the phone and that winds me up. Even kids on a holiday they need to have a schedule. We’ve got lot of nephews, we’re just welcoming our fifth nephew. Always looking after them and we love our nephews. They need to have a schedule. Take good use of the kids clubs. Out door areas to make sure the burn off some energy during the day. Because it’s often a lot of in confined spaces. So take them for a run or get them playing basketball or on one of the rope courses. Burned some energy off. Because it’s their holiday it’s well. They want to be able to enjoy it. Number four it’s the one that cuts in line or cuts the queue as we like to say in Britain. This makes our blood boil and no
matter how they do it it still winds me up. You get the complete cutter. Who just goes straight for it, cuts in front and doesn’t care. Does not look you in the face. And you get the one who’s oblivious to it. They haven’t just haven’t
just stood right in front of you. Be prepared to be called out because
people will call you out. And then you get the one that like – “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m just just gonna meet my friend
down at the front.” “Excuse me I’m meeting a friend” Are you now? Can we have proof of that please? You see that a lot at theme-parks. This winds is up. I mean it does happen a lot in Europe. It’s a cultural thing. Is there’s not as much organization and queuing. And especially being British. This is like a sin to us. – Oh it’s a cardinal sin!
– We love a good line. We love to line. We will queue for the queueing
sick honestly. I’ve joined queues before – not really
knowing what the queue is for. – Its just always a nice thing at the end
– Just to see what happens at the end. So the worst person who’s number five is the one who’s always late. You know who you are… This is the person who was always late
getting to dinner. So you hold up the rest of your tablemates. Because on some cruise lines
you are sat with different people and the server’s won’t tend to
start until that other people are there. So these are the people who hold people up. The people who are late getting back onto the ship. The people who are always late getting into shows and standing in front of you. There’s nothing more annoying. The show thing winds me up. Especially when you’ve been sat there for twenty minutes before the show. You’ve got your favorite seat, you’ve your the drink you are ready to go and then somebody shimmers
in front of you or stands right in front. We’ve had this a few times where
they will stand right in front of you and you say – ‘Em… excuse me, you were late.
Can you move that way please” Number six is the one that’s entitled to everything because they’re a gold member darling. They are top tier don’t you know who they are! Oh you’re not the Queen! Well, i am. These are the people that have cruised with the cruise like for a long time and they’re the top tier. Which, that’s great for you, fantastic. That’s well deserved. Awesome. You’ve must have seen some fantastic things but they brag about it
all the time. Oh my gosh and if there’s a line for something – “Why am I lining for this? I’m platinum status” Everyone has to line love. We had this a lot on our recent Independence cruise. Because there was a lot of
top-tier people on there. “Why do I have to line for this” Exactly! Telling the staff like – “I’m gold card” Let’s wave it around. It was the gentleman who kept tapping his golden card. Oh on the the bar. He was tapping it on the bar. And I love how the waiter was
just completely ignoring him. You’re not getting served any quicker dude. So number seven is the one who
saves seats. So this is a type of person who gets up at 5 a.m. in the morning to go put a towel down and reserve a Sun Lounger. Which they don’t come back to until
like 3 p.m. in the afternoon. This is super annoying. Or worse they reserved two Sun lounges for themselves. One for the morning and one
for the afternoon. Oh I’m just tempted sometimes – You see these and they’re just
there all day. Where are these people? Just take them off and give them
to a member of staff. Cruise lines now are becoming more aware of this and are starting to remove people’s belongings who haven’t came back for long times. Number eight is the one who gets drunk. This is just annoying. It gets – I saw that! There’s a screen there. I can see everything you’re
doing. I didn’t do anything. Me? Little old me? The one who gets drunk embarrasses themselves. They’re really loud, really obnoxious and they spoil it for everybody else. You’ll usually find these in the karaoke bar at 2am singing really bad karaoke. We’re talking about not the people who enjoy getting drunk and having a laugh and stuff. These are the really vulgar and loud ones. Really obnoxious. The really annoying person. Don’t be that person. Be more Bob Don’t be a sloppy Sally. So number wine – Number wine? Number wine! I want some wine. So number nine is the one who always hogs the elevator. Now we know some disabilities are completely invisible and there may be good reason for some people taking the elevator or the lift all the time. Elevators should be really mainly be reserved for those who really need them. I mean now and again obviously you are going seven decks that’s absolutely fine. Because there is usually queues for elevators as well. It’s really annoying when and you get to
burn off some calories. We always try to take the stairs. Especially going down because going down so much easier than going up. That’s what she said! Oh my god this is like filled with innuendo. It’s the one deckers. The one deckers why can you take the stairs. Seriously. You just walked a mile down there down the promenade and then you’ve gotta take the elevator up one floor or down one floor. You wait five times longer than it would have actually taken you to walk. Do you know I find the funniest? Is the one decker who then goes
into the gym. Oh my god yeah we’ve seen this before! They’ve got a cabin on deck a 11 and the gyms on deck 12 and they take the elevator to deck 12. It’s like guys this is not right. Number 10 is the one who grabs food with their hands. This is gross. We see it all the time especially in buffets. People just reach over and grab a piece of bread or a piece of cake with their hands. Guy’s you’ve got use of tongs here. It’s absolutely disgusting. Obviously you’re the only person going to be eating it. But it’s still very unhygienic because you could be touching other things in the area. It just grosses me out. It’s when the pick up a piece of bread,
have a look – Oh I don’t want that one. And then put it back. Like you say it’s the people that finger the food. And like prod the bread. Finger the food! All right David is that another innuendo. Guys that’s our list of ten worst people
that you’ll find on a cruise ship. Please don’t be this person and make sure you subscribe below. Because you’ve got so many
fantastic videos coming up. We really appreciate it and hit that Bell button so you notified when our video is uploaded. Let us know who you hate on cruises. So what type of cruiser
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