The WORST time for changeable WINDS – Sailing A B Sea (Ep.095)

The WORST time for changeable WINDS – Sailing A B Sea (Ep.095)

There’s a little bit of concern from
both Aannsha and I about leaving Aannsha alone with the boat particularly because
the weather is not steady It’s very changeable and today was a
good example of that. We had a squall that came through and we had a complete
rain whiteout 40 knots of wind. I am a little bit nervous because there’s a
thunderstorm and winds gusting up to about 36 knots today starting very early
afternoon and going right through until early tomorrow morning so we know that
the anchor is set because I dived it yesterday and it’s really dug in so
that’s good. We set it for the direction that the wind is predicted to blow from.
There’s not really a lot I can do to prep the boat any more than I already
have Baz and I went through that yesterday
before he left so I thought what I would do now is I’m going to make myself a full
English breakfast and set myself up with a nice cup of tea cuz I don’t know when
I’m going to eat again!! It’s food time! I’ve got a steak and wobbly ale pie, Big Geoff’s got the hake, and the little Geoffs are going for the burgers It’s about 1:30 now and the sky’s got a lot darker. Again you
can see white caps out there and in here it’s pretty calm. I’m thinking actually
that when that cloud gets maybe a bit closer in we might get a bit more wind Talk of the devil Yep here it comes I’m gonna batten down
the hatches now. Saturday just after lunchtime. Now Big Steve, or Big Geoff is
taking us to the next destination which is the motel I’ve got to check in to for
tonight’s accommodation. Right, before we do anything else
here’s a quick room tour, come this way Bit of sleepless night last night. The
wind changed direction and picked up again. It was coming from the West which
meant it was coming straight in through the bay so it was quite rocky and rolly
and it also meant I was on a lee shore just depending on the angle of the wind.
I watched a couple of movies then I tried to sleep on deck because that way
at least I could see exactly what… where was how, far away I was from anywhere, you
know. That lasted about two hours. I actually ended up sleeping in the saloon
area because there was less noise there Can you hear the waves? I sort of lay there and fell asleep just as the sun was coming up and then woke up in time
to promote the video because it’s Saturday. So that was good but I’m gonna
get on with my day now. I think it’s about 11:30. I went back to sleep for a
couple of hours after promoting the video. I can’t really string two words
together so I’m gonna stop this now. So as you can see I’m still in three
metres of depth of water so even though it looks close, things always look closer
actually on the boat, I’ve got plenty of water under the keel because that’s
three metres from the bottom of the keel so – Just got to sit it out really. I’m not…
I’m okay now it’s daylight but it’s been a good challenge for me being on my own
and just being responsible for everything. Now I know what Baz goes through
every day! Well this is it, Saturday night we’re at the venue of the Boro Club
in Bury in Manchester and there’s a few people inside already, more to come,
follow me inside. We’re gonna check it, we’ll go and check it out. Due to copyright laws I can’t let
you hear any of the music that was played at the venue on the night. Let me
just say this though there were nearly a dozen of the best DJs in the world from
the 80s and 90s in the room that night and the tunes that were banging out what
absolutely awesome Now then, the man with the camera here, hello … Barry Noble Barry Noble. He sailed here, he’s fudgin sailed here from Australia! That is the journey of journeys. Big round of applause for that one! Come on!! You’ve parked in Athens though didn’t you? Yeah. He parked in Athens It was a bit choppy round the Med
so he flew the rest of the way but that’s a sterling effort there Barry. And he’s not changed much either
apart from the grey hair He still looks the same Two o’clock on Saturday and we’re
getting a steady 14 to 15 knots gusting up to 17 knots. Depending on which
prediction you look at we could get gusts of up to 35, in of course the
nighttime hours. I had a look at the dinghy just to check that all the lines
were okay and I noticed that the back line on the dinghy was chafing, so I took
the back line off and after chatting with Baz about best positions I’ve put
the second line on the front as well so both lines won’t fail. Apart from that
the sun’s shining, it’s charging the batteries. I’m gonna have an nanna nap
because I have a feeling I’ll be awake again tonight! Well, that was was an excellent night It’s now probably quarter to 3:00 in the
morning, people are still at the venue and the DJ’s are still playing and the
diehards are still dancing. You can probably hear from my voice that the
music was very loud as it should be and to converse we had to raise our voices
and I haven’t raised my voice that loud for a long long time which is why it’s gone like this. It was a great night – absolutely loved it. Now I’m gonna get into bed, I’m
gonna put on like – I know it sounds stupid – but I’m gonna put on a David
Attenborough Wildlife Channel and just chill out learning about wildlife while I drift off to sleep. That was a great night, loved meeting everyone. Fantastic to see all the old family again and just absolutely brilliant. Thanks Paul for putting it on and thanks to everyone who attended. It was just lovely
seeing you all again. It’s Sunday morning and my eyes feel like pee holes in the snow they’re that small because I really didn’t
get a lot of sleep last night It started to blow again quite hard. I
clocked it blowing at 32 knots … I mean it’s not big in the overall scheme of
things but I’m on my own, I’m on a lee shore and so I slept on deck,
well “slept”, there’s a word! So I stayed on deck for most of the night. It’s still windy. It’s about 8:30 This is what I’m looking at this morning. I’m going to check the wind
prediction sites now and just see what we’ve got in store for the rest of the
day. I’m hoping it calms down for the… for tonight because it’ll make it a lot easy
to pick Barry up off the beach in the dinghy This is the morning after the
night before and we had arranged to meet downstairs for breakfast at 9 o’clock
it’s already 09:12 so I’m a little bit late but – well we didn’t
get in till – I don’t know 2:30 and I didn’t get to bed till 3:00, had to have a little
wind down after the night so better get down there. Where’s the keycard? Oh it’s in here
Get down there, get breakfast sorted out because we get kicked out at midday so
that’ll give us time to have a breakfast, chat, debrief, pack up, bugger off and I
think Creepy Crawly is gonna take me to the airport. Ooh! Time to go obviously It seems all my lessons have been
learned and now I am treated to some beautiful sunshine and calm seas check
this gorgeous place out! Now I can enjoy it in the final few hours before Baz gets back It’s been a great experience for me and
even though I was literally terrified the day before Baz left, thinking about
all the things that could possibly go wrong, I’m very very grateful for the
experience because it showed me how calm and capable I actually can be. I’m really looking forward to hearing how Baz got at his reunion, hopefully he had a fabulous time. He certainly deserves it because as captain
of A B Sea, he really does make all of the difficult decisions and takes everything
on his shoulders squarely and just these last two or three days have given me the
opportunity to understand how much of that possibly feels like a weight on his
shoulders you know when things do get a bit rough. It’s given me more confidence
being on my own here and obviously it wasn’t a really bad environment …it… but
it was enough for me to feel tested and also gain a sense of confidence on the
other side of it so that was, that was good. So it’s been a really great
experience for me and hopefully Baz has had a fabulous time meeting up with
old friends and colleagues Well that was breakfast done and I got
my old mate Tony Walsh to drop me off at the airport which was excellent,
cheers Tony you’re a chap and now I just got to find the EasyJet check-in at
Manchester Airport and check-in and sit around for a couple of hours until the
flight gets called and we fly back to Greece It’s been a whirlwind, absolute whirlwind! We woke up this morning to a bit of a lee shore here, wind’s coming out of the
north, well mostly out of the north and it’s gone a bit choppy but today was the
day we planned to head out west to Poros anyway which is a very protected anchorage which will save as from all this northern
stuff. Right now though with this bouncy bouncy you probably can’t see it
too much on camera we gotta, well I’ve got to get in the dinghy and attach the
davit lines and then we’ve gotta haul her up and hopefully there won’t be too much
bouncy bouncy while we’re trying to do that So we’ve just left here and we’re
heading way down here to Poros. One of the things we’ve got to do is got to get
across this traffic separation scheme this is the Athens traffic separation
scheme and the boats going north go on this side and boats going south go on
that side. When we hit the outer edge of this boat way we’ve got to go directly
straight across that traffic separation scheme as fast as possible and also
avoid any traffic that’s coming or going At right angles, Yeah we’ve got to go
directly right angle across yeah we can’t do this this angle that we’re
currently on. Those are the rules of the road. Boats of interest to us are this
one here. The other boat of interest for us is this bloke coming north and his
closest approach will be about just over half a nautical mile in 14 minutes I’m down here so that the wind doesn’t affect the microphone! We’ve had a
cracking sail so far from Kavouri bay which is on the mainland and we’re
heading towards Poros today because Poros has got a lot more sheltered
bays than the mainland area where we were so we’re heading for Russian Bay
and that apparently has got pretty much all around shelter. When we came out of Kavouri Bay the wind was quite high it was higher than had
been predicted and at one point it was up around 27, 28 knots and we were flying
along anywhere between six to eight point one knots we clocked at one point
so that’s really cool so what we thought was going to be a
five-hour passage may well turn out to be more like a three-hour passage. Having
said that as I speak now and we’re in the lee of Aegina Island
the wind has dropped and I can feel that the speed has gone down a bit so Baz
what’s the speed now? Five point two Five point two. Well it’s, you know, it’s respectable That’s kind of what we usually base our average speed on when we’re working at
how long the passage is going to take anyway, about five knots. So I’m going to
have a cup of coffee now and film a little bit more of where we are so that
you can have a look too Quite busy Poros is quite busy with yachts. One of
the reasons being, well (A) it does have charter yachts here and the other
one is that we’re very close to the Corinth Canal and people often come here
as a stop off point before or after crossing through the canal That was an interesting sail wasn’t it Baz?
It was quite different yeah. We’re in Poros now, the Greek island of Poros
very close to the mainland – Beautiful island – it is a lovely little village, lovely
little harbour – it’s green. We have been here before We came through here when we were on our
way to Turkey from Spain last year so we thought we’d come back. So we cross the
traffic separation scheme in the Athens Bay without any incident. There was just one
ferry that we let go before we passed behind it and then after that there was
really nothing coming north or south which was really good We tried to anchor closer to Poros village but we weren’t happy with the depth and we
weren’t happy with the fact that there are several moorings there, empty
moorings, for charter yachts and the depth was 15 metres wasn’t it? And you
know we were at 3 to 1 in 15 metres. The holding was good but I don’t like three
to one and I certainly didn’t like the idea that we were that close to the
charter moorings that if the charter boats came in and moored, they’d be not
swinging the same way as we’d be swinging so yeah and the only way to get
out of their way would be to shorten our chain and we were already less than the
ideal anyway. So we moved from there and there’s a little bay just
up there from us but I just didn’t like didn’t like the depths in that one either so we’ve moved to this teeny tiny little
bay with a nice little island behind us and I’m happy with the depths here, we’re
in 7 metres and we’ve got 35 out – yeah – so is this Russian Bay or is this next to
Russian Bay? I don’t know this could be Russian Bay. It could be a part of Russian
Bay coz I think Russian Bay’s got a few little doodads. Yeah. So we’re here we’re here for
a few days I think … need to get some work done and I’d really ideally like to
wait for the weather to clear up and get some sunshine and find out which way the
wind finally wants to blow before we head back and head in the direction of
the Evia Channel. Right now though it’s time to open up some hatches on let the
hot air out from the inside of the boat I think we’ll have a beer. We’ll have a beer.
I think we deserve a beer and then I might have a nanna nap before I do the
editing of the video that should actually be going out today for our
patrons because they get it earlier but I’m sorry. We had such a different kind of weekend. I’m still recovering from the weekend. So am I! Next week on Sailing A B Sea we take some time to
check out Poros town and we also reveal our plans for the winter. If you’re not already a subscriber don’t forget to click the button down below and click on
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  • November 16, 2019 at 7:06 am

    Who do you think had the better weekend? 😀

  • November 16, 2019 at 7:06 am

    Yay!! New video.hope all is well. Aloha.

  • November 16, 2019 at 8:21 am

    Definitely your weekend! I couldn’t even watch the bits at the club 😄

  • November 16, 2019 at 8:40 am

    I think Barry had the more enjoyable weekend but Aannsha gained the most thru the experience and can now hold her captain’s hat up with more pride.

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    Well done Aannsha good job minding the boat 👍🏼! Nice moves on the dance floor Baz 😃, looks like you had a great time!

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    Poor Aansha. 46Kn of wind. Wind from the wrong side. I 've a question: If the wind is turning 90 degrees more or less, do you re-anchor again?

  • November 16, 2019 at 11:20 am

    Parabéns linda princesa gosto muito de você e este excelente amigo maraviloso

  • November 16, 2019 at 12:42 pm

    Barry ,
    Having watched your videos from the start ,I have to question your decision as the skipper to
    Leave your partner @anchor alone when you consider the weather conditions predicted.
    Would it not have been far safer taking your boat into a marina regardless of cost .
    Regrettably I am speaking through experience ,when things turn bad they happen quickly….. in my case during
    The night at anchor .
    Apologies if I come across negative skipper, only speaking through experience.

  • November 16, 2019 at 1:43 pm

    and now you Baz need to buy new shoes I just saw him grow 4 inches with all the credit you gave him he would not be able to do half of it if it wasn`t was for you 🙂

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    You was unexpectedly decent at 3 o’clock 😉
    —I remember the first time I was to cross in front of a big tanker. Late at night,- later autumn. Dark as ……! I saw the lights, but I actually was sure I could cross in front of him (here) after 30-40 seconds I had second thoughts. 1 minuet I changed my course and passed it 180’
    ( This is all before AIS)
    It was a competition sailboat on a transport. Only me and a friend onboard, and he was having a rest. But you have to see it to believe that speed this big ships can get up to.
    We passed on an other SO close. No fun, no fun at all.
    You got to love the new tec. But nothing beats the LP😍
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    I never doubted you, Aannsha. Building confidence and trust in yourself, during trying times, is a testament to your willingness to step up your game, take a chance and meet the challenge. Fine job. 🙌


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