Tirrenia Athara – Fast Cruise Ferry a Cagliari

The Bithia class consists of three ships
ferry fast cruise ferry in service for Tirrenia CIN they mainly operate on routes from and to
for Sardinia The names of the three units are Bithia, Janas
and Athara all built by Fincantieri between 2001
and 2003 They are part of a new generation of ferries
with new on-board standards capable of traveling at cruising speed
of 29 knots to transport 2700 passengers with 900 vehicles
following. with a length of 214 meters and a width
of about 26 reach the gross tonnage of 36,500 tons becoming part of the largest ferry-ships
of Italy However, these dimensions created not
few problems in some ports of Sardinia Arbatax and Porto Torres who have needed
of adjustment works to accommodate this series of ships have a freight capacity of 915 linear meters,
which correspond to about 70 semitrailers Units of the Bithia class can be
classified as cruise ferries this type of ships, introduced in Italy
from Grandi Navi Veloci in the early nineties provides high comfort on board for
the passengers, ensuring numerous services typical of cruise ships the Bithia class ferries are equipped with
shops, bars, cinemas and restaurants the interior decoration turns out to be enough
luxurious. The ships are structured on eight bridges Access to the cabins is possible thanks
to smart cards and special readers This system replaces the normal locks
to ensure greater safety for passengers Indeed, the presence of the electronic system
prevents any break-ins Given the browsing speed relatively
low and the high tonnage of the ferry passengers can stay outdoors towards
stern or on the two side bridges of the Ponte Imbarcazioni
(where the lifeboats are also placed)

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