Top Cruise Mistakes Made by Cruise Ship Passengers

spruce herewith traveling with Bruce how
you doing today today’s video is called top crews mistakes made by cruisers
these are mistakes that are made by brand new cruisers veteran cruisers it
doesn’t matter we can all make mistakes no matter how many times we’ve been on a
cruise but in order to get to a situation like this to enjoy a scene
like this first thing in the morning a lot of things have to go right and you
have to avoid some major mistakes that people make from time to time and that’s
what this video is all about what a beautiful shot that is st. Martin if
you’re wondering Mariner of the Seas is the name of that ship I’m standing on
the Explorer of the Seas gorgeous morning first thing there’s hardly
anybody out here what a fantastic day and this is what it’s all about folks
coming up in the morning and seeing this is your view to start your day at sea
fantastic now number one mistake people make one of the biggies trying to get to
the cruise ship on the day of the cruise do not try that it doesn’t pay off one
mistake and you’re out thousands of dollars if you’re at the airport and
it’s snowing that’s one thing you’re at the airport that’s congested that’s
another but if the planes are delayed because of mechanical issues or
connection issues you’re gonna be joining these folks right here standing
around waiting hours for your flight connection to work out the mechanical
issue to be repaired who knows what it can be here’s a guy just gave it all up
he’s just had enough his life is over what are you gonna do hopefully this
won’t happen to you if you go today before the cruise you avoid all this you
have a whole day to get to the ship spend a night in the hotel in the city
you’re in and get some provisions before you get on the ship second issue is on
the last day of the cruise people are packing up their stuff putting their
suitcases out getting ready to be picked up in the morning they want to get off
the ship right away because they booked a morning flight back home after the
cruise is over big mistake you cannot play that game because you’re
stuck with all the bags all over the place who knows where
they are do not do it book a length flight out so
that you can relax and get off the ship easily and make your flight on time so
many people miss their flights coming home they don’t even think about it
packing for a cruise is another biggie people make the mistake of over packing
get on the cruise ship with a carry-on like this you and your traveling partner
each have one of these bags pack in there enough provisions for the first
day all your valuables your meds your toiletries they all go in these carry
ons that way when you get on the cruise you’re just pulling your day bag your
carry-on bag with you on to the cruise inside the the two bags you have all of
these items right here if the luggage that you packed will take another six
eight hours to get to you don’t worry about it you got what you need all your
medication is here your cameras should be in there your laptop or your tablet
your phones of course everything you need for the first day you’ll be able to
enjoy and you’ll have all your important stuff also pack all your toiletries from
home so you don’t have to buy them on board picking a room this is a biggie a
mistake made by a lot of passengers that they pick the cheapest room forgetting
that they’re right next to the elevator lobby and the noise and the racket and
the screaming kids during the day time and who knows what you are in a world of
hurt you do not want to be beside the lobby area on a cruise ship because
you’re talking about thousands of people a day going through here right outside
your door avoid it if at all possible the other one is the kind of room you
picked you could pick an inside room but if you got more than two people watch
out you’re gonna be pretty packed in there like these folks or why don’t you
just do this pick up balcony room pay a little extra get this serenity and enjoy
the view out your window because otherwise an inside room the cheapest
room on the cruise ship this is what you’re talking about are you gonna be
happy for a week in there I wouldn’t be happy my wife will kill me
here’s another safety tip turn your phone either off or put the airplane
mode on so that you don’t have phone racking
up roaming charges while you’re on the ship the best thing to do with your cell
phone shut it off and put it in the vault forget about it because when you
get home you may find that there’s this telephone bill waiting for you and you
forgot to turn off your phone no the roaming charges are gonna kill ya you’re
gonna lose all your hair like this guy you don’t want that to happen
try to appease this lady right here that everything’s gonna be alright good luck
with that you’re in such trouble don’t do it turn off your tone another
thing to try to avoid don’t go cruising during spring break its booze cruise
time if you are taking a three or four-day cruise you are gonna run into
this kind of scenario right here these pool decks are going to be chock full of
folks getting hammered and partying like there is no tomorrow the music that’s
gonna be cranked up by the cruise line to get these people to move and dance
and jump up and down and drink even more try to avoid them at all costs another
mistake some people make they don’t attend the muster drill they think they
don’t have to go to this after all it’s just a life preserver that’s all I have
to worry look don’t do it it’s a huge mistake they know exactly who did not
attend the muster drill because everyone who comes in has to be checked in
electronically and they will find you and you could be kicked off the cruise
don’t miss the muster drill another mistake people make on shore excursions
a lot of folks decide that while when we get into port we’re going to take a
cruise tour with the cruise line the problem is that these tours can be
rather expensive than if you’ve got a three four five itinerary stop you’re
talking a hundred dollars per tour per person just for a couple you could be
talking about a thousand dollars a cruise just on shore excursions for a
buck and get taken around town by a local for
a bed and do it yourself unless you want to do something like this where you want
to go to a specific entertainment venue like the zip line fine but be prepared
to dish out big bucks keep in mind also a number of forts like Nassau in the
Bahamas this one you can have four or five six cruise ships there at the same
time you may not do you want to get off the ship you may just want to stay
onboard the ship and relax here in the Cayman Islands it is not uncommon for
four or five or six cruise ships to come into port any one day get ready for
lineups lineups to get off the ship lineups to up to get back on the ship
lineups on shore you have to have an open mind and be prepared to buy into
the fact that you will be surrounded by probably 12 to 15,000 fellow travelers
who just like you want to get away from it all and relax well this is not what I
call relaxing so if you know you’re gonna be rough getting into this buy
into it it’s a mistake cruisers make they think they’re going on a seven-day
Caribbean cruise only to find out that there are 20,000 others at some of these
ports with them doing the same shore excursions sub can keep an eye open on
those do your research check YouTube videos like I do and just see what you
can do at these various ports you may find that an organized tour is the way
to go you may find that no we’re just gonna walk around the port area
ourselves and just be on shore for a couple of hours and then go back to our
ships it’s nice and calm and we like to use like this this is what it’s all
about leaving a st. Maarten here seeing the topography the land their homes what
a beautiful picture gorgeous blue sky you want a cruise to really benefit you
in so many ways you want to be relaxed you want to avoid major mistakes that
other cruisers make like I said don’t travel to the ship on the day of the
cruise get there the day before don’t book a flight home in the morning when
you get to the port book a flight out in late afternoon
or later if at all possible or spend a night at the port when you get back and
go home the next day all the pressure is off aw packing mistakes avoid them don’t
over pack and pack your valuables on the carry ons and your medication on the
carry ons and leave everything else in the big suitcases they’ll eventually
picking the wrong room big mistake don’t pick the cheapest room on the ship take
a look at the floor plan find out where that room is that the cruise line is
offering you for that cheap cheap price and avoid it like the plague
sometimes it just pays a little bit just space so much to pay a little more and
get above any room telephone avoid short booze cruises unless you want to go on
one there excursions you can do some on your own and not pay the big money
anyway there yet go a couple of the biggest mistakes you can avoid as a
cruiser this is Bruce saying thanks for joining me today if you like this video
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take care everybody bye for now

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