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Hey folks, Glenn May with
And if you ask anybody who knows me, they’ll tell you that I’m really meticulous about
the care of my boat. And that’s because I pay attention to all the little details. It’s
the small things that make up the whole picture and make it look really good. So one of the
things I pay attention to is the trailer jack, most notably this. See how the handle is hanging
down like that. It’s just a knuckle dragger. What’s gonna happen is when you’re pulling
up a steep ramp like this and get to the apex of it, this is gonna drag on the ground. You
can also hit things when you’re going down the road, traveling down the road and get
grease on it, dirt, that sort of thing. And after a while it’s just gonna look real crummy,
and it’s gonna start getting grease and grime inside of here. It’s gonna be hard to turn.
So a little tip that I use, just a little teeny bungee cord like this, I wrap it around
the body of the trailer jack and around the handle. And then I lock it up just like so.
Now look at that. Now it’s up nice and straight, up out of the way. It’s not gonna drag on
the ground anymore. It’s gonna keep it looking new and keep it working really good throughout
the duration of its lifespan. For more tips and tricks like this, visit

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