Trip to Puuveneen Vuoksi 2019 pt. 1 – Tyrsky Ep. 41

hello and welcome to another episode of Tyrsky
on this episode I’m gonna travel into the wooden boat meeting as I
did last year Puuveneen Vuoksi, it is now Wednesday evening it’s quite late well relatively late but after
10:00 in the evening and I mean I’m at Liittokivenselkä, that’s Liittokivi over there I left my home home Harbor something
like two and a half hours ago and I am going into Värrätsaari island which
is over there and I’m gonna spend the night over there
so uh welcome welcome welcome to follow my trip into town of Joutseno, Puuvenen Vuoksi
event is over there this year and before I head to Joutseno we’re gonna
meet with some of the boaters in Satamosaari Island quite near Joutseno it’s quite pretty over here. Or
it’s very pretty over here it’s a nice evening it’s the lake is calm and it’s
relatively warm and seems like it gets warmer through the weekend so it’s good
to be here right now but yeah that’s it I’m gonna show you
– evening shots and then I’m gonna hit the sack and see you tomorrow say hello to Värrätsaari island I can’t make up my mind where i want to park I choose that one I don’t have to take
my socks off if it’s not too warm anymore so here I am you still take the rowboat
over there but otherwise I’m pretty much done for the day it’s quiet not a single sound why don’t
ii I’m gonna turn off the stabilizer and the autofocus so no no you can hear it
too absolutely nothing so a very good morning I just woke up
here in Värrätsaari had some breakfast and the weather is really nice there
haven’t been many of this sunny and warm days this summer but now it seems like
like it’s gonna be a bit warmer for the next week or so so um yeah I just had my
breakfast and uh as much as I would like to stay in here in Värrätsaari it’s nice and calm here and nobody else around but I need to I need to go
I’m heading to Satamosaari Island next is some 40 50 kilometres that way and
it’s a good weather for driving it’s not too windy so it’s nice and calm to do go
there we will stay like this also so yeah
that’s it I’m gonna I’m gonna go on I will probably waster one better precious
battery of mine to create a time-lapse out of them driving they’re so into the
time so we are here in Satamosaari is nearby
Joutseno that we are going tomorrow there’s already 10 wooden boats over
here starting from there into the end of this peer over here quite a lot of boats here
and uh there was some light rain showers during the trip here you might notice
them by small moments in the in in the time-lapse before where I took the
camera inside but yeah nothing major it was quite nice trip here so no it’s just
hanging around with wooden boat people for this evening and maybe some sound on
good food yeah that’s it and I’m gonna give you a small tour here
in Satamosaari also but I’m gonna eat first so a little draw around the island this isn’t that great
Big Island at all that’s that little they behind me where we are moored place
it for something like 20 25 30 boats there’s a sauna real for us all that
stuff it’s quite near near to the Lappeenranta and Imatra and your
Joutseno so this what a lot of boats also over here so exactly one of my favorite
places of course this is the first time around here but yeah I like
I like my privacy more but it looks like a quite nice place so uh I’m gonna walk
around the island and uh I’m gonna hook you up if I see anything interesting so in the daytime I came from somewhere
over there I believe Puumala parrish
some 50 kilometers that way and Värrät- saari where are left is some 50
kilometres that way Lappeenranta somewhere over there
behind me and obviously we’re in in the East and parts of the greater Saimaa of
this not too long way to the border Finnish Russian border maybe 10 15
kilometers maybe 20 yeah well yeah it’s a pretty place over here
I believe that sunset today is going to be pretty awesome because the clouds are
clouds going away hopefully and we’re gonna get them like later in the yep
it’s pretty and this also this small one bigger
reaches or way over there I’m uh I believe that this is also part of the
well I don’t believe well it is part of the Salpausselkä bar ridge is it could it be the
second Salpausselkä that has formed ha after or during the
ice ages which separates the sea from the lake Saimaa and also the lake Saimaa
from the lake Päijänne so they they are quite big ridges across Finland yeah
this is part of that the area also that’s a stove for a soda just needs
tent so we are no only I believe this is the southern tip of the island I believe that’s Imatra over there
smoke out of the factory pipes over there I believe thats Kaukopää over there Joutseno and Lappeenranta you probably cant see but yeah it’s a nice
beach not a “beach” beach got this small pebble all the way
but its pretty so there’s our boats
that’s one pier there’s another one there
you’re swimming or a dock and there’s more spots for boats quite a lot
of them in here that’s the entrance to the bay and again
our boats are over there and the other pier is over there and I’m not sure but
is there to saunas in here one over there one over there I’m not sure that sure
looks like a sauna I’m gonna have to go there and check it out there’s a map for
the island so our boats over there right now over
here by these these boats over here and yes indeed this one sauna out there and
one sauna over there hmm and on a larger scale map Satamosaari island
is over there and that’s the distance I traveled today I started from there
from there to there and tomorrow we are heading over there so
that’s not too big of a distance over there yep like that and of course
firewood and it’s not cats this is ona quite heavy used so there’s
lots of those over there and toilets of course so that was a
small tour of the Satamosaari Island over and no it is quite
well-equipped if you can say so Island there’s lots of spots for boats and of
course there’s lots of barbecue places Saunas toilets everything everything this
this seems like a p lace for a lots of people are at the same time so if you
like that dude I necessarily don’t like it I just don’t but uh it’s a nice place
it’s a nice place you

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