VENICE | Gondola Ride, Burano, St Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace

VENICE | Gondola Ride, Burano, St Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace

we are here exciting times in venice look at it we’re just
walking to our hotel now it’s very quaint as we came up to the island it
looked quite industrial because it obviously is a port and there was like a
big cruise ship and stuff pulled up but this is like the traditional side of it
we’re staying at Hotel al Vagon I will link everything in the description and
I’ve got Google Maps directing us because apparently you can very easily
get lost here and I very don’t forget there’s steps and I very easily get lost
anywhere so definitely need that also the most excited I’ve been this whole
time is when I think about all the pasta and pizza I’m going to eat we are just walking down beside the
Grand Canal we are rather hungry we’re going to drop our bags off get some food
to keep in the hotel room like water and some snacks
and then go and get some pasta and pizza yeah Oh so we’ve arrived in our little
room look at this feels well fancy we’ve got chandelier
it’s really tall ceilings we’ve got a four-poster bed
there’s Ethan little wardrobe already claimed your side and then a little
bathroom it’s really nice actually we’re right on the square which I feel like
might frustrate us a little bit but yeah I think you can open them the doors
we’re right on a square we’ve just been in the room as you saw
we’re now on our way for some food we just walked past a very nice smelling
sweet shop haven’t we, if only I didn’t have diabetes, you’d still you eat more sweets that I do actually I don’t
any but he’s like the biggest sugar fiend ever, oh look at that chocolate, wow casual Sephora five seconds away from
the hotel this is so strange it’s like it’s all old world and cute and
then there’s like McDonald’s the Sephora and away yeah like really posh shops
like some of its kind of like some of the shops are really quaint and cute and
quirky and them some are proper fancy so this what bridge is this the bridge
the bridge I will put it on the screen we’re so uncultured but this is one of
the main bridges apparently and it’s beautiful I think we’re gonna get photo
here but look this is the the main river the
grand canal the Ponte de Rialto we’ve sat down for dinner in the cutest spot ever so happy and there’s just an ambulance had to film it it’s just so out of
the ordinary for me how beautiful is this is this still the Grand Canal it is
isn’t it so we’re just having dinner by the Grand Canal in this beautiful little
spot honestly all of a sudden I feel like we’re actually here I said earlier
it didn’t feel real but I’m sure once I get some pasta down my neck also just said do not put your phone on
the table because that’s right there so I am holding onto this camera very tightly oh
damn damn Daniel hello literally not even looking up we’re
very hungry we’ve not eaten since like half-past nine this morning it is
currently half past 7 so it’s half past six in England
bing-bong look at it is so pretty but you can’t see it I’m gonna
eat how nice was it it was delicious so good now we’re gonna walk it off a
little bit and then get some ice cream this is the bridge we were on earlier
and there’s a lot of cute gondola rides happening oh my god though there’s men
with roses like single roses red roses and earlier a guy could tell I was
vulnerable he kind of just thrust it at me and kind of I had like a shopping bag
I had no hands-free and he just like thrusted it on me here no money no
money it’s fine you take it you take it gave it to me turned around to him I was
like fgs I was like no don’t do it don’t do it yeah we got we got done
and I wanted to get you a pretty rose yeah but it was like forced upon me
it wasn’t very romantic he kind of jabbed it in my face and then yeah we
tried to give us two more 10-pound ten euros for three roses I like you but I
don’t like you that much you don’t like me that much I’m not worth 10 euros for three
roses I don’t blame you I thought it was 15 it was 10 euro yeah ah maybe I do love you that much oj
I’ll take that that’s fine but since I’ve had multiple guys with single roses
and they just kind of like jab them when there’s a female and a man together they
kind of just jab them towards me and expect him to pay for them so you just
like no thank you and just walk off things of nightmares this is the bridge
at nighttime strawberry sorbet cause vegan life slash
lactose intolerant life what did you get chocolate chip basically his is
defo better but mine’s still good oh you’ve not tried mine nice isn’t that so nice
guys can you see that guys look what they’ve got okay it’s official I love
Venice look at it I think I just looked like grabbed Ethan’s arms so fast
did I make you jump they’ve got Buzz Lightyear’s in the proper boxes okay that’s pretty cool oh I see picked the right boyfriend look at the Italian Mickey brilliant
turned the corner found a footlocker as you do casual Daniel Wellington
shop shout out look at this we’ve ended up in San Marco Square and it’s amazing
we’re coming here tomorrow so I’ll show you it in the daylight we’re going on a
tour in there are we going on a tour in there yeah woah this is massive the
island doesn’t seem big enough to fit this on this is actually so cute look at
this building how insane is that and then this whole
square is like lit and there’s live music just going on oh my god you guys we’re just getting
ready taking our time I had a hunch that I got the time wrong for this morning’s
tour and I had we had 10 minutes to do a 25-minute journey my very few couch to
5k runs have paid off a little bit but I just let Ethan go on I think we’ve
got the right one oh it’s pretty though I’m so glad we made it, so much running, that was so stressful how long did you say it was supposed to take us 12 minutes I think it took us about five
I’ve done three yeah three couch to 5k runs good proof it works yeah I was a lot
fitter than last time I had to run and we had to run in Budapest for the same
reason but we’re not allowed to film when were in there we’re allowed to film
it when we get up onto the terraces so I see you I’ll see you on the terrace nope we
can film at the top okay see you on the terrace yeah we’re on the roof it’s so pretty
are you ready spin-spin-spin look at it oh my goodness also this tour guide she’s
so cute I want to put her in my pocket we’re now in doge’s palace
it’s so pretty bougie bish should we have our
house like this all gold, yeah that was really good wasn’t it can confirm it was well
worth the run this morning and well worth the price I’ll link the ticket and stuff that we had
but we started it at like 9:00 we just got out and it’s like quarter past 12 so yeah it
was well worth it I reckon but now we’re gonna head over to look at the line imagine that’d be us if we didn’t have the tickets yeah recommend can’t see anything but if you wanted to go into st marks basilica get a que jumping ticket for sure look at this
line like that is not even half of it and that’s been like that since half
9:00 this morning so with our tour we had like queue jumping tickets we also
got to go into the balcony which you saw and then we also got into a
Doge’s Palace which is where all the like sparkly gold ceilings were it was
very pretty it was like the house of the government basically where the government
live and where they like sentence people to beheading casually look what I’ve got
behind me so pretty but yeah we walked over the bridge of sighs which is the
place the last view of Venice prisoners saw before they got executed that’s
right isn’t it yes the Bridge of Sighs hence the name Bridge of Sighs so we just
walked through it that’s where I was poking my camera through the holes I
didn’t actually realize at the time that’s what I was on cause I couldn’t hear
the tour guide but we’re gonna go and walk over a bridge next to it so we can see
it from the outside and then we’re gonna go back to the room and actually eat
breakfast I haven’t had much of a drink this
morning and I haven’t eaten breakfast haven’t brushed my teeth haven’t got
deodorant on so beautiful but we made it we didn’t miss it and I’m proud of myself
for running that far and not dying I’m proud of you too bit of a detour but this is the view so
pretty the waters like sparkling there’s another big basilica over there that one all right it’s been a while since I
spoke to you actually we walked back to the room to get some food well needed
food feeling much better now and now we are headed to the Leonardo da Vinci
Museum and then I think tonight we’re fancying like to go pasta aren’t we yeah
there’s a lot of places that just offer you like a pot of pasta if anyone used
to have pasta king at school that’s the vibe I’m getting did you have pasta
king yeah we did yeah I’m getting that but in a little pot so hopefully
it’s even better because pasta king was just watery pasta in the end wasn’t it
we made it we’re here there’s another beautiful building that’s something I
found you turn corners and then all of a sudden there’s like beautiful
buildings with like no pre-warning there’s just pretty buildings around the
corners there’s an art museum there and then we are going in here we’re done it was all right wasn’t it we
learn things yeah I learnt things but I wouldn’t be like
oh my god you have to go and see that while shooting yeah maybe if you wanted
to kill a bit of time yeah and learn some science things yeah it was good
I’m glad we went but meh oh its you all of the time, it’s be when I’m hangry this is the hat that the doge’s used to wear when we were in that
palace earlier the people who kind of lived in their fashion beautiful we have
stopped for a late lunch break come to this little pasta like pasta to go shop
called we love Italy and it smells amazing
Ethan has got mac and cheese and I got Bolognese with lots of cheese on top she
asked us if we wanted cheese and I was like yes lots
headed over this bridge to get onto the mainland I called it mainland not
mainland we’ve had a little bit of a chill by the
grand canal much needed and now we are waiting to get on
a gondola all of the romance yeah this is your romantic gondola ride are you
paying yeah from the stash of money that is half and half, you can hand the money over but half of its mine I’ll accept it we live
in an equal world I’m excited, I’m also very tired we’ve only been here a day and half, we need a holiday from our holiday we do I mean it doesn’t help
that there was an alarm going off at 2:00 a.m. last night that was very weird got pretty decent view while we wait for
our gondola oh we’re on a wonk I think you’re a bit chunky I think
I’m a bit heavier than you yeah lean this way need to lay off the biscuits yeah I mean that’s the
understatement of the century hey co cute definitely want to get
a photo of me ah it’s peaceful it’s like almost sunset so romantic we just need you to sing now like that
man was earlier like that man yeah I don’t think you want me to sing I do I want you to sing the Opera like that man was just one Cornetto give it to me beautiful I might just keep this audio on my video we’ve
been sat in the room for about half an hour we’ve now come back out and they’ve
got a Sephora oh baby baby how was I supposed to know yas this is a big slice of pizza look at the size of it I’m eating real real ice cream but it had to be done good
morning so today is Sunday you alrate, I’m so tired I know I am actually when I started
vlogging my eyes are like yeah but we are going on a boat tour to Torcello, Murano and Burano and apparently it’s going to be six and a half hours long which we knew it
was a full day but we’d not actually it didn’t say anywhere how long it was
gonna be we’re gonna need snacks we’re gonna need snacks I think they give you an
opportunity to get snacks on one of the islands got my little cute dress on it’s
new it was like in the new-look sale Ethan also has a the same vibrant shirt
on as yesterday so it matches the houses I plan to become one of the houses yeah
that’s my goal we’re gonna be one with the houses there
is the boat we are trusting our lives in today no turning back now we’re here I think how long did that take like 20
minutes yeah it was really interesting though
because the tour guide she’s so cute she speaks in four languages she like
repeats the same sentence in like Italian English French and Spanish so
clever but now we’re just walking into a glass works demonstration we’re now gonna go and explore I’ve got
my Instagram husband with me you do we’re gonna get over this bridge and
apparently there’s a little square in the middle it’s very very quiet on this island like a
sleepy little island I think this is a church or a basilica but they’re playing
the organ and it sounds so cute but we’re on a hunt for like a panini or something
this is what we needed very excited we are in Burano and as you can tell it
is now raining it said a 20 percent chance of rain
so we we expected it and I brought my brolly all the way from England I’m very
proud of myself this is the town with all the colourful
houses it’s very very cute I’ll try and show you as we go round but I’m trying not to
get my camera wet as well so we’re just exploring we’ve just taken some fabulous
photos on this wall and on the purple wall model the wall oh yeah
oh gosh and then this little cute alleyway I thought I just had to film I
don’t know if my brolly’s gonna fit through this gap ah everything’s so cute, every corner look at that look at how bright that orange one is I’m not sure where I got the
recommendation but I was told to look for this house it’s called Bepi’s house so cute so we’re just exploring even
more and ethan just said doesn’t the water look like the color that your water
goes when you’ve mixed loads of paint together it actually does I don’t know
how well the cameras picking it up before it goes black yeah before it goes
black and sludgy but it really does it’s like not mucky like English water but
it’s also not super clear I can’t get over how cute this place is it looks
like it feels like I’m in like a toy town like walking down Disney Boulevard
or something like loads of cute toy houses so earlier I searched like what
there is to do here and it said on one of the Articles there’s like a crooked
tower thing or a leaning tower no it’s leaning tower of Murano and we were
walking towards it like that’s not leaning but we’ve come down a different
Street and from this angle it looks like it’s about ready to fall over I don’t
know if you can properly tell it’s rather wonky what happened so do you know
on like terrace house streets obviously everyone has to to parallel park
it’s basically it but the Murano version he had to go down
to the end of the street to turn his boat round to go out like parallel
parking but boat version we’ve made some friends hey g’day mate, guess where they’re from, we’ve come all the way from Australia where are we now Torcello we’re going to go and
have a walk around conclusion from torcello I think it’s the smallest island
that’s still inhabited maybe yeah but it’s very small and it’s very derelict
and we’ve just done a bit of a lap around the two churches and that’s it so
yeah I think if it wasn’t raining it’d be quite cute to just sit on the bench
and make a look at the view cuz it is pretty obviously but
because it’s raining we’re all a bit like meh and we are back it was so nice that trip
wasn’t it was very fun yeah it went faster than I thought it was a nice
amount of time on each Island six hours six and a half hours yeah
but it flew by it was so good deffo recommend again I’ll link it in the
description like anything we’ve done I’ll try and find links just been on
the boat back we were sat talking to those that lovely Australian girls that
I showed you briefly Chelsea and Elyse so yeah we were having a good old chat
followed them on Instagram made some new pals but now we are gonna head back to the
hotel for a little bit and have like an hour recharge because it’s currently like
10 to 5:00 all right we’re back in the room and I just wanted to film this
because it’s a revolutionary moment for me
we’ve got which I’m sure a lot of you have already had I’ve not the lays
slash Walker’s paprika flavored crisps I love paprika chips shall we try them
together this bed’s so big good you’re like not even in it Oh bit of a pink tinge to them yeah
ready yeah they taste a little bit like the chicken ones mmm it’s good
though I was expecting it to be like weird like super strong I’ll be like paprika yeah it’s
like that smoked paprika hmm I reckon now when I see these when I’m
on holiday I’m gonna have to get them every time Amsterdam might have them
we’re going to Amsterdam in less than a month for Ethan’s mum’s birthday 20 days
less than three weeks we have left the hotel had a bit of a power nap I’m still so sleepy
I’m just hungry now I mean I’m hungry too but of course but we’re gonna head
over the Rialto Bridge again and try and find one of the
little kind of back-alley looking restaurants so you can sit down but it’s
behind everything because we want like a little sit-down meal for our last meal
we’re going back to the airport at 12:00 tomorrow so we’ve got a bit of
time in the morning but not too much and we’re gonna have a good good final meal final night
yeah we found a little restaurant I’ve got a spaghetti bolognese and I’m having
regrets because look at the size of this you may you may devour it although I
will be having some I want to try it you said I could it smells good oh my god
that meal tonight oh that was the most filling meal we’ve had the whole time and
it was so nice it was actually really cheap wasn’t it yeah in total pretty good price I’m very much nursing a food baby now I feel like I’m walking
like I’m about three months pregnant but we’re just walking slowly back to the
room but I thought I’d just documented these cute streets while we’re walking
through them it’s a little bit quieter tonight because it’s Sunday so not
all the shops are open it’s just loads and loads of streets like this
that have got really bright lit up shops some of them are just a little cute
quirky touristy kind of souvenir shops and then some of them are like legit
posh cute little brands there’s always I feel like Venice it’s like there’s a
surprise around every corner don’t you think there’s a lot of
corners and there’s a lot of corners and a lot of ways to get lost we have
found out very this is very much it’s all corners all creepy alleyways and
very hard to navigate like Siri Siri can’t navigate here because the streets
are that close together together like Siri and Google Maps can’t work out
quite what street you’re on because they’re so close I think she just gives
up doesn’t she she give’s up so you have to kind of I mean luckily for me I’m all right
at map reading without siri but the few times we’ve actually just
followed siri’s directions when she told us to turn left and right we ended up in
the complete wrong direction so bear that in mind if you’re coming to venice don’t trust Siri good morning it is the final day we are
just headed in the direction of the train station because it’s near enough
where our bus pick us up from just wanted to show you look
at the shop it’s a lush you can smell it before you see it and it’s quite a big
Lush as well it’s definitely bigger than the Doncaster lush so we’re just gonna
head towards where we need to be then kind of chill maybe get some croissants and some energy it’s been a tiring four days we just had a
croissant croissant and orange juice my eyes are just not open anymore so tired
I had to change my clothes because it chucked it down and my skirt got very wet
so now I’m wearing like a pajama top I didn’t actually end up wearing t-swift
and these which are dirty but you’ve got to do what you got to do we’ve been stood
waiting in the rain for an hour we’re finally on the bus we’re driving out of venice now, we will be driving over the big bridge thing that goes over the sea, it’s about an hours drive back to treviso airport but yeah I’m a bit chilly we’re gonna go to the airport and get snacks of some sort some food, yeah it’s been a really really good holiday I don’t really know how to summarise it now, there’s not much to film now cause I’m just gonna get on a plane and then be very tired, but yeah I’m gonna end the vlog here for now, hope you’ve enjoyed it and here’s to another holiday, bye

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    Can I just say if there was ever a Brittney Spears competition, enter Ethan in it, he has the moves LOL.  Venice looks ace.


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