Visiting Borough Market, The Golden Hinde and Tower Bridge Fountains, London – Outdoor Learning

Visiting Borough Market, The Golden Hinde and Tower Bridge Fountains, London – Outdoor Learning

– Hi guys!
– Hi guys! Oh, hi guys, we’ve
arrived at London bridge. Look, there’s the Shard. – And we’re going to see some fountains! – It’s a hot day. If you’re wondering what to do in London, we thought we’d do a little London bridge to Borough Market to the Golden Hinde pirate ship and then walk to the GLA building where there are some fountains. Come with us, let’s go. – Borough market!
– Borough market! – Borough market! Oh! (slow upbeat music) Austin’s favourite thing, for some reason, is to buy crayfish. Three pounds. We’ve got five pounds. Show me five fingers. What’s five take away three? – Um, two. – Ha, two, so you should
get two pounds change. So we’ll see if you do. Crayfish please. Woohoo! And how much change you’re going to get? – Two. – Two pounds, well done. Let’s see if you do. – Here. – Yes, look two pounds. Hm, that’s good. Strawberries, what are these? – [Austin] Blackberries. – [Anja] Do you want some raspberries? – Yes. – I’m going to test Austin to see how many vegetables and fruits he knows. How many do you reckon you can spot? – Five. – Five, oh yes, that’s a good number. Let’s do it. What are they? – [Austin] Potatoes. – [Anja] Potatoes. What are these? Broad beans. Oh, do you now what this is? – Ca ca… – It’s a cour. – ..gette? – Courgette, I love courgettes. [ zucchini ] – And these are parsnips. – [Anja] Parsnips well done. What are they? – Carrots!
– Carrots. – We found some different
coloured carrots. Black carrots? Yellow, orange, whitish dark. We’re learning about all our veg and fruits in one little walk around Borough. It’s brilliant! What colour is rhubarb? – It’s red. – [Anja] Yeah! Rhubarb. What do you think this is? – Courgettes. – [Anja] Good try, it’s cucumber. How about this red up here? – Um, pepper! – [Anja] Pepper Red pepper, green pepper, yellow pepper. What’s that? – It smells like– – [Anja] It’s called parsley. That’s called, rosemary. – Rosemary – [Anja] You can put it
on lamb for Sunday roasts. What’s this? – I know, blueberries. – [Anja] Blueberries! – And these are watermelons – [Anja] Is that nice? – Yeah. – Broccoli! (slow upbeat music) – [Anja] What does it feel like? – It’s Soft and slimy. – Soft and slimy? Can you see the suckers? It does smell amazing here. Right, well Borough market was fun. And we bought some fruit for them to eat. Crayfish, strawberries. Touched an octopus. Learned about some different
vegetables and fruit. Now we’re going to walk to The Golden Hinde, It’s literally just ’round the corner. – There! – There it is! The Golden Hinde!
– The Golden Hinde! – Argh! (fast drum music) – That’s called the Golden Hinde. Can you name any parts of a ship? There’s the mast. And what’s that called? – Crow’s nest. – Sir Francis Drake was the first Englishman to sail around the world. It was actually by accident. He was chased by the Spanish. It’s a replica ship because it’s got so much wood, it never would have survived. Also, you didn’t want to steal anything because your hand was nailed to the mast! Uh! The guided tours here are brilliant by the way. You get a real pirate showing you around. He brought back so much
money for Queen Elizabeth I he came back so rich.
(ker-ching!) He’s called, a privateer
because the Queen sent him off to do that. Otherwise, he’d be called a pirate. Arrrrrgh! Do you think stealing’s good? – No. – No. What did Francis Drake look like? – He had a wig. – Yes, sometimes they wore wigs, but I don’t think he did. In the portraits, it looks like he’s wearing a ruff around his neck. That was the fashion then. – Arrrrgh! (upbeat music) – HMS Belfast. We walked from London bridge, whoop, and we’re here and we’re going to City Hall which is the, where the
London mayor has his offices because the fountains are by there. – Fountains!
– Fountains! – Fountains! – Wooo! (yelling) (upbeat music) Right, so I recommend this place then! It’s a good place to cool down. (upbeat music) Are you having fun? – Yeah, I’m really having fun! – [Anja] Right, what have we got? We’ve got the Gherkin, we’ve got the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, GLA building. And the Shard. Is it a bit chilly? – [Eric] Chilly. – [Anja] Hello. (laughing) Is it fun? – Yeah, going. – [Anja] Are you going to
go in the fountains? – No. – It’s a bit scary. Wo ho. Look they had to open the
bridge for the paddle boat. It’s really special isn’t it. We’ve had a brilliant day. And we’re now going to head
back to London bridge because there’s The Shard so it can’t be that far. It’s a very good walk isn’t it Austin. To Borough market, Golden Hinde, and make your way along the Thames to the GLA building. I found that really
hard to say. (laughing)

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    I enjoyed your video 🙂 Keep it up!

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    Awesome to watch a London vlog, don't know of any London vloggers!

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    Love, love, LOVE this! My favourite spot in London. You've captured it perfectly. I can almost feel the atmosphere!


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