Volvo Penta Boating Challenge Episode 2 – Control your boat’s driveline with the e-Key Remote

I’m Dominic Gullick, and together with
Volvo Penta expert Hanna Ljungqvist, we’re going to put the company’s
products through their paces in a series of performance challenges. That was so close. We will seek the answer to the question:
what’s in it for you as a boat owner? This is the Volvo Penta
Boating Challenge. I’m holding in my hand
what looks like a car key, but it isn’t. It is in fact Volvo Penta’s
new e-Key Remote for boating. Hanna, can you tell me
a little bit more about this? Sure. We wanted to add a car-like experience
to boating, and with the e-Key Remote, which is a feature
of our new battery management system, you can turn on the boat’s systems
by just pressing a button. The boat will practically be ready
for takeoff. You just start up your engines
and off you go. In this challenge, we have to run to two
boats and take off as soon as possible. Hanna’s boat has the e-Key Remote
and my boat doesn’t. Since the boats
have not been used for a while, I’ll have to open the hatch
to turn on the main battery switches. How much easier is it for Hanna
with the e-Key Remote? OK, Hanna, you ready?
I’m gonna give you a run for your money. – Absolutely.
– Ready? Go. I’m not worried.
I’ll give him a head start. How’s it going, Dominic? No! So close. She’s fast.

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