Volvo Penta Boating Dreams Episode 1 – Luca Santella

Volvo Penta Boating Dreams Episode 1 – Luca Santella

Open water gives you
the feeling of infinite, of freedom. Beautiful feelings, but there must be an area
where you have to keep in mind you are not in your natural environment. My name is Luca Santella, responsible for new projects and
design developments in Sanlorenzo. We are at
the Sanlorenzo yard in Ameglia, where we build the SX88 line. The vision of SX comes from a deep knowledge of life on the water. My dad and his brother
were fond of sailing. I probably went sailing before I was
biking, so I was really a little kid. I’ve been a professional sailor. I’ve sailed in two Olympic Games. I’ve sailed for 35 years
at the top level, in every class apart from America’s Cup. I didn’t sail America’s Cup
because I was studying architecture and I didn’t want to give up
something I really cared about. I have been building boats
for about 10 years. And I transferred, to my projects, all the experiences I had and all
the respect I developed for the water in my 30-35 years of sailing. And so, in 2015 I had a chance to meet the president of Sanlorenzo,
Mr. Perotti, and share the idea I had. The boat is made for a real connoisseur,
an expert of the sea. People who love to go boating. People who like nature
and like to interact with the water. They like to play all day
with their kids, family and friends. The relationship with the water. They will enjoy the water contact
in a much easier way than before. We try to sell dreams. When a client comes to us,
he’s dreaming. I imagine people sharing,
with their families and friends all the space and the possibility
to live really close to the water. No barriers between the boat
and the water itself. My name is Luca Santella
and this is my boating dream.

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