Volvo Penta Boating Dreams Episode 10 – Jack & Tammy Faintuch

Volvo Penta Boating Dreams Episode 10 – Jack & Tammy Faintuch

I think the discipline,
the knowledge in medicine is truly one of the hardest things
to master, and then ultimately
how you use that understanding to take care of people,
to save people’s lives. I retired from practising medicine
in 2005. I am a native Canadian
who grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As a Canadian, I’m supposed to be hardy,
but I hate the cold. Tammy is the love of my life. We’ve been a team for 35 years. We’ve raised four kids. We spend
an inordinate amount of time together. And besides anything,
we’re best friends. My father was in the navy.
He always loved boats. But we didn’t get to take advantage of the boats that my parents had
as regularly because, number one, Jack was working. So now we have the freedom
to come and go as we please. Life in Florida is great. We have the luxury of the boat
being essentially in our backyard and it’s a very easy decision to go out. We love spending time with our kids
and their spouses, we love to be together,
and so we will spontaneously decide, “It’s a beautiful day”
and “Let’s go out.” So, in essence,
the boat has become another home for us. I think being a boat owner
later in life gives you a patience that
you may not have when you’re younger, because it’s a slow learning process. You need to slow down to learn
all the intricate parts of boating. There is a soporific, calming effect
that the water has on me, and I know it has that on my wife, and it’s just a very relaxing time. – I’m Tammy.
– And I’m Jack. And this is our boating dream.

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