Watching Over New York City

Hi, I’m Ensign Gabriella Dezza, an
Apprentice Marine Inspector with the US Coast Guard, welcome to New York City! Ships from all over the world enter this
port everyday, but before they can dock, me and my team makes sure they meet
safety and security standards. We’re a well-oiled machine. I’m here thanks to something called the College Student Pre-commissioning Initiative or CSPI.
I discovered it in my sophomore year. CSPI paid my last year’s tuition, my
books, fees, and paid me a salary of $3600 a month. They call New York, “the
city that never sleeps” and my boyfriend and I I have really taken advantage of all it
has to offer: from Broadway to the restaurants. We’re
even learning to salsa dance. In my off time, I try to get out to the
country as much as possible. For a southern Florida girl like me,
experiencing four seasons in the mountains is really cool, And there are even more opportunities in
my Coast Guard future. I was recently accepted to flight school,
where I hope to become a helicopter pilot. A career in the Coast Guard is
more than you can imagine.

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