Welcome to Manchester University Canoe Club

Hi I’m Seb, and I’m one of the captains of
the Canoe Club at the University of Manchester. I look forward to welcoming you in the first
few weeks of your university year. Everyone is welcome to every training session, event
or social that the club holds, and the atmosphere is unrivalled, winning us Club of the Year
twice. Trips are an integral part of the Canoe Club. We run them very regularly throughout
the year and they are really good bonding experiences, especially weekend trips. You
don’t need to have any of your own kit prior or have any experience. We take completely
new freshlings and make them into great boaters. Yeah so it’s literally get stuck in and come
on your first river trip. Hi, I’m Jack and I run events in the club. In the first few
weeks you’re likely to come across me in the pool sessions, where I’ll be teaching all
of you guys how to kayak. The club runs pool sessions every week, this way we teach the
basic skills and more advanced skills to experienced paddlers. The aim of this is to get you down
the river safely. As well as teaching you how to paddle, it’s a great opportunity to
make new friends and speak to people as well as a bit of exercise. Most people from canoeing
call me Maz. I’m the Canoe Polo Sec for Manchester University Canoe Club. For those of you who
don’t know, canoe polo is a team sport played in kayaks with five people on each team. And
the last six metres of the pitch is really competitive. There is a goalkeeper there,
one person with their paddle up trying to defend the goal, which is suspended 2m above
the water. It’s really unique in that it’s one of the only (boating) disciplines that is a real
team sport. We are entered into a league, we have regular competitions, between other
univerities and other clubs. We are welcoming of everybody of all abilities, so just come
along, we’ll play some Canoe Polo! Hopefully, we’ll see you at one of our taster sessions,
but if you’re still not sure just visit our website to find out more. Just search on Google:
“Manchester University Canoe Club”, or follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube with the
handle @ManUniCanoeClub. Or, like our facebook page, and join our group. Or, just come to
the Sports Fair and talk to one of the many members who are running the stall.

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