What Did We Buy!? Our $3500 “Luxury” Barge for Woodward Dream Cruise 2019

What Did We Buy!? Our $3500 “Luxury” Barge for Woodward Dream Cruise 2019

(slow dramatic music) – [Zac] This is good. – She’s a dream.
– Guys, this is quite possibly–
– The best. – The best purchase we’ve– – Who knew we had to come to Ohio to get the best car we’ve ever bought. And this is probably the most money we’ve ever spent on a car. – [Jon] But it’s for the, for the price. – Which is like 3,500 bucks, but– – [Jon] Yeah, but this is worth it. I mean dude, it’s got the, ah, the map light doesn’t
work, that’s okay. (car engine revving) – It doesn’t like that.
– It doesn’t. – [Zac] Break it up a little bit. – It doesn’t like that.
– Yeah, it doesn’t like that. – It’s a cruiser, it’s a cruiser. – [Jon] Yeah, (laughs) yeah. But I bet you we could do burn-outs in it, though.
– Well, let’s get it up, let’s get it up. – [Jon] Yeah, it’s moving, it’s good. – Oh yeah. – [Jon] I don’t know, Brian, this would look really good
in front of your house. – I know.
– It’s of the era. – It is definitely a
period-correct vehicle. As Oldsmobile said, they strive
to only build modern cars. (Zac and Jon laugh) (robotic electronic music) (gentle jazz music) – Ah, what’s up, so we’re here in Detroit. We’re here for the Woodward Dream Cruise. But for some reason we
have to drive to Ohio. Do you mind explaining
this to the people, Scotto? – All right, obviously
none of our cars run. Your car’s not running
yet, my cars don’t run. – My cars actually run. – I don’t know why we
didn’t bring his car. Anyway, we decided we would
go on the Dream Cruise. It was kinda the last minute, and we didn’t wanna roll
around in rental cars, so we may have bought
a car on the internet. – Tell them what we, you
bought, Scotto, tell them. – Yeah, tell the people. – Tell them what you bought. – It’s a 1964 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight with a 394 big-block Rocket engine in it. (slow dramatic music) – [Computer Voice] The
seventh-generation Ninety-Eight was Oldsmobile’s flagship
land yacht of the early 1960s. Equipped with a special
high compression Rocket V8, it made 345 horsepower from
its 394-cubic-inch engine. It came standard with many
premium features for the time, including lush deep-pile carpeting, power locks, brakes,
steering, seats, and windows, and dual rear cigarette
lighters for the kiddos. At 18 1/2 feet long, the Ninety-Eight was a
living room on wheels. It was available as a two-
and four-door hardtop, as well as a two-door convertible. Malcolm X notably owned a
1963 black Ninety-Eight sedan. – Which I’m kind of excited
about, but it also was, spent its entire life as a parade car, which is explained to me, it’s just, it’s not a convertible, it’s just topless, like, they cut the roof off of it. – Sounds like a legit
automobile, cruiser, and– – And it looks like we’ve
got nothing but sunny skies. So we should be fine. – Mind you, we don’t know
if this car actually runs, ’cause there’s been no proof of it. And we do have to drive
it back to Detroit. – Wait, there’s no video, there’s nothing of it actually running? – No, I said, “Do you
think it’ll go to Detroit?” The guy said, “Yeah, there
and back, no problem.” – Sick, but okay. – It’s gonna be like
Power Tour all over again. Adventure time, let’s do it. (upbeat music) – It’s only six minutes on the clock till we see our pride and joy. – Or our total disappointment.
– Or our total disappointment. (Zac laughs) – [Brian] Check out this bad boy. By the way, I like the
hat that dude’s wearing. That’s the kind of guy I
want to buy a car off of. – [Jon] You’re gonna buy a
car off of him right now. – [Brian] You see this guy,
the shadow’s wearing that hat, that guy, also wearing that hat. – We should get those hats.
– We should get those hats. – [Jon] (laughing) We should
get those hats for sure. – [Zac] Is this the place? – [GPS] Your destination is on your right.
– Oh, it’s right here. Yeah.
– Say. – Good. ♪ Do do do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Do do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Do do do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Do do ♪ – All right, so we’re here. Honestly, I didn’t know when we bought it that we were actually
buying it from a dealership that has nothing but rat
stuff, Shoebox over there. Each of us could buy our
own vehicle for Woodward. I can’t decide if this is Zac. – [Jon] Oh, that Suzuki. – [Brian] Or that is Zac. – [Zac] Let’s just look
at that real quick. – Wow.
– Yo. – [Brian] You ready for this? – Dude, I’m so pumped,
this is a good sign. This right here, man, this right here. – Yo.
– This is you. – [Brian] Look at this suspension work. I mean this is, this looks,
it looks like Brad built this. – Dude, it’s got small block in it. (all laughing) Yo, can we– – [Brian] You wanna ask
how much he wants for it? – I might have to make an offer. Can you- – [Brian] Oh, man. – Can you look at that stick shift? – [Brian] Wow. Either that’s not connected or that is an aggressive
angle right there. – I bet this would be real rad. – [Brian] You know what? I bet this thing partied in its life. – Ah dude, it’s got
the Cherry Bombs on it. – [Brian] Of course it does. (Jon laughing) – Why would it not? – [Brian] Yo, we’re so
blessed to live in California ’cause this is what
Midwest rust looks like. Look at this. – [Jon] That’s wild. – [Brian] And what is this, like a ’98, like ’95 or something? – [Zac] No, this is way newer than that. – [Brian] Oh yeah, so maybe
like a 2000 or something. – [Zac] This is post-2000 for sure. – [Brian] By the way,
just want to point out… – I don’t think they’re junk, they’re just gold
waiting to be discovered. – [Brian] Yo, here she comes. (engine revs) Oh, hell yeah. – Wow, that looks, looks like the photos. (gentle jazz music) – Oh, yeah. Ultra-high compression. – Yeah.
– Now, Scotty, what was ultra-high
compression at this time, the 10 points?
– This is a 10, I think it’s a 10-5 for 1. – Really?
– Yeah. By the way, air
conditioning by Frigidaire. – [Jon] That’s rad. – [Brian] So it was built
to be like a parade car? – Yeah, yeah, that little
cushy seat in the back. – [Brian] Sit there and wave
to people as you drive by? – Or a concept car.
– Hey, what is it, what is it? – [Brian] Yeah, that,
exactly, that’s the wave. – That’s kinda what I was doing. – [Brian] That’s 100% the wave. So we came out to go to Woodward Cruise, and we figured we didn’t want
to roll around in a rental car so picked this up and– – [Salesman] You only want one car? I got a garage full of them. – [Brian] So do I, I’ve got a ’70, I gotta ’70–
– Yeah, that Small Block Suzuki.
– He’s liking that, man. I got a ’72 Nova, he’s got a C-10. (Jon laughing) – [Michael] That motor’s built. – [Zac] Does it run? – Oh yeah.
– That thing runs? – It’ll turn them tires out here. – [Jon] Uh oh. – [Brian] You wanna take
it for a test drive? – Can I see it?
– It’s bad. – [Zac] Jesus. No, get on in, brother. (Brian laughing) – She good.
– This thing is so ridiculous. – Ah. – Zac, and go.
– A’right. Oh my God. – No, it’s got enough.
– He said go right. I love that we came here
to buy an Oldsmobile, and this is what we test drove first. We haven’t even test
drove the Oldsmobile yet. – Oh man, this thing is
sketchy as (beep). (laughs) He’s like, it’ll light ’em up. Yeah, it will not go straight. (laughs) This thing is just floating all around. (Brian laughs) Like it feels like the front and the back are like two separate things. – [Brian] Here, pull in here real quick. (engine revving) – Hell yeah, brother. – [Brian] Give it, give it the beans. (engine revving) (Zac and Brian laugh) – Yeah. – [Brian] So you buying it? – No, absolutely not. (Brian laughs) – This is a, this is a rolling liability. – [Brian] That’s a lot coming from you. – Yeah. – Well, all right, test
drive number one done. (Brian laughing) – [Zac] Look. (laughs) (engine spluttering) – [Brian] Right hand down. What’s going on right now? – I don’t know.
– Jon, what’s going on? – I have no idea.
– Easy, buddy. (Jon laughing) – [Brian] Does she come with it? (Allan laughing) – I’m sure he’d sell anything. – It’s a Midwest thing I guess. – [Jon] She’s looking right at you. – I like what we got going here. – [Brian] I’m trying to
get him to throw her in. – How you doing, sweetheart? – [Brian] I don’t think
he wants to part with her. – I can see why not. – It feels very “Silence
of the Lambs” right now, for some weird reason, I
don’t know why, I just do. – [Brian] Feeling her up? – I checked the water, it’s a little low. Needs like a quart of oil. Should probably look at
the transmission fluid. – Little stuff.
– Yeah, little things. Things we should check
before we go driving. – Yeah, for sure.
– Sitting in traffic. But hey, it runs, sounds good. – It looks the part.
– Looks the part. – [Brian] Think it looks hot as hell. (engine turning) – Oh boy.
– Just goes. – She starts right up.
– Yeah, yeah. Your seating position looks very painful. – Wait, is it–
– It’s all the way down. – Well, reverse is–
– All the way down. – All the way at the end?
– That’s how these transmissions are. – Oh, interesting.
– Yeah. – [Zac] You got– – Oh man, I already love this
thing, I already fell in love. – [Jon] See, what do you mean, if? It’s a matter of you sitting in it, you literally just sat down and went backwards four
feet, and like, I love it. – Because look at how awesome this is. – [Jon] Yeah, it’s great. – Man, do you feel like we
need to bring her with us? – [Jon] Uh… – [Brian] Yeah, she’s
creepy as all hell, but– – [Jon] Yeah, she’s creepy. – She’s taller than Brian. (Jon laughs) – Hell, yeah.
– And we’re off. – And we are off. – [Zac] Man, this thing
drives like a dream. – I know, I didn’t know if
I would actually love it. – I don’t know what–
– It’s great. – [Jon] It’s really nice,
we’re gonna make it bad. – Oh my God guys, this is amazing.
– Right? – [Zac] Oh, uh, we need to
put some air in these tires. – [Brian] Oop, and she stalled. (engine turning) – [Jon] Also, the gas
is actually really low, so hopefully we don’t run out of gas. (all laughing) – [Brian] It’ll be fine. – [Jon] Let’s see if we can make it back. – [Zac] You know what it needs, sea foam. – Definitely needs a
little sea foam treatment. – [Jon] You wanna do that
when we’re in Woodward? Make this some real obnoxious shit. – Yeah, in a hotel. Man, this thing is a cream puff. I’ve never referred to anything
in my life as a cream puff, but this is definitely it. – This has inspired me for
something for next year. This right here, this car has inspired me. – You gonna say what or you
just gonna leave it at that? – [Jon] We’ll just leave it at that. – All right. – [Jon] It’s so far out from
now, but it is inspired. – Let’s hand this guy some
money and get on the road. – [Jon] All right. – So, you wanna negotiate mannequin or? – I don’t know, I’m not sure. If we take them back, it might
just be too creepy. (laughs) – [Jon] Three dudes and a mannequin. (upbeat music) – I tell you what, the
back seat, not so hot. – (laughing) Windy back there? – There you go, gas. – Ah man, 93, ooh.
– Good stuff. – Nice. – Ah, um, I gotta pee, someone
wanna fill this thing up? How the hell does– – Pull it.
– Oh, yeah. Always a good thing to know is how to get out of a car you’re in. – Yeah, it’s probably pretty helpful. – So the plan was, we were
gonna come out, grab this car. We thought it was gonna
be a piece of junk. So we figured, like, you know, cut the springs, slam it to the floor, and swing over to Summit Racing, ’cause they’re on the way back to Detroit, and grab some parts for it. The conversation now is, this
thing is pretty cherry as is. – Dude, it’s way too nice, man. Like, I would normally
never, ever say this, but like, I don’t think
we should ruin this car. I mean like, I think,
why don’t we do this? Hear me out here. We’ll make like a, what do you call that? An agreement?
– A pact. – Not a pact. – Compromise?
– Compromise. Why don’t we just cut
the exhaust off of it, make it a little louder. – Even though I oddly like
how quiet it is, I don’t know. – By the way, getting in this thing, ’cause of this wheel,
there’s no like (mumbles). Man, I feel so cool driving this thing. I gotta lot of cool cars,
never felt this cool. – Oh my God.
(all laugh) – [Jon] So right away you know
this isn’t going anywhere. – [Zac] Yeah, no, it is going somewhere, back to the Hoonigan Donut Garage. All right, first highway
test in this bad mama jam. – I think so, man.
– All right, here we go. Real highway time. – First interstate, we got the windows up for safety purposes. (energetic music) It’s a beaut, right? – Oh yeah, nice. – Gonna stop, get some parts, maybe install a thing or two here ’cause it certainly needs a carburetor. Like, I don’t know if it’s the float, but every time you go into a
turn, it just doesn’t wanna go. So, and if you give it like any more than like this much throttle, she dies. So she’s a good cruiser right now, but if we can find a carb
and a few other things, definitely need some tires. So we’ll see what we can get. – As soon as this guy, Mike,
comes back and tells us they have a direct replacement
for the carburetor, we’re gonna have to pull out this one and put the new one in. The car is running, it has
a little bit of a hole. It’s probably gonna be
from the accelerator pump, just because this thing
is leaking gas out of it. Right now we’re waiting
for, there’s Mike now– No go?
– No carburetor. – No carburetor?
(upbeat music) – All I know is we’re
getting spoiled here. – All right, just let it be known, we did not ask for any of this stuff. We were really glad. We were just gonna try to
like replace this carburetor in the parking lot and call it a day. – I’m not used to this level of stuff. (energetic music) – All right, so they didn’t have a factory replacement in stock, so we got ourselves an Edelbrock. We’re waiting for some parts, so we’re putting on the
most important parts right now with dirty hands, some fuzzy dice. (energetic electronic music) – [Computer Voice] While to many, fuzzy dice are cheesy and tacky this automotive accessory
has rebellious roots. World War II fighter pilots
would put dice clocked to show seven dots on the
instrument panel for good luck. The airmen carried this
superstition to hot rodding. But the meaning changed. A car brandishing dice was a sign that its driver was
willing to street race. The original oversized hanging dice were made of polyurethane with felt dots. After often melting in the sun, they were replaced with the
plush style still used today. In many states, it is
illegal to hang dice, or anything else, from
your rear view mirror. (engines roaring) – [Brian] My job here is done. – [Jon] Oldsmobile update. – All right, so we’re
waiting on some parts from the hardware store to
put together the linkage. But theoretically it should fire up. Fuel’s in now. – [Zac] (laughing) Here. (engine cranking) – Yeah! (engine revving) All right, that was alive now. (laughs) – What’d he say? – Yeah, what’s up with that? Okay, so the age-old saying, you know, if it runs, just leave it, it’s starting to, uh, it’s
starting to be true here. – I mean, you were saying below, it really is the lines they ran, and it’s like copper. – Right, there’s copper pipes over here. – [Zac] There’s straight-up, like, there’s three different sections. – Like what you would run
like your cold water intake into your refrigerator with? – [Zac] Yes, exactly. (both laughing) – [Zac] See what I’m saying? – [Brian] It’s definitely
out of a refrigerator, um… – [Zac] Scotto, what’s
going on over here, man? – So our friend here, he says
he’s got a shop down the block and he offered to help. He’s got a welder, so he’s
gonna weld this together for us real quick. – [Zac] I see what you’re doing. – I couldn’t find threaded rod. – Oh nice.
– Yeah. – [Zac] All right. – [Brian] Yeah, that’s way
better than we could’ve done it. – [Zac] Just because of
how official this is, we should still run a
zip tie, just for safety. Yeah, right, go give it.
– Should I try start her up? (engine revving) – All right.
– That’s it. Get some tires and we’re on the road. (cheesy elevator muzak) – Okay, so, its 9:00 p.m. We’ve finished up, the
Old is looking good. It’s hopefully running good. It’s a little more crisp than it was, so that’s an improvement. So we haven’t driven it yet. We’ll see what its like under a load. (engine rumbles) – She’s rolling. – She’s idling.
– We’re good. – [Zac] Okay. (upbeat hip-hop music) – [Zac] So here we are. Something that personally
I’ve always wanted to do. – This is a drive-through liquor store. This makes life real easy. Whoa, so how does this actually work? Like, do we get out of
our car and grab stuff? – [Zac] I don’t know. – [Brian] Or does
someone come and help us? We might not make this turn,
by the way, just saying. (upbeat hip-hop music) – Well, there you have
it, day one in the books. We wrenched on this thing all day, thought we had a catastrophe on our hands once we started opening stuff up. But you know what? Now this thing rides like a dream. – It’s amazing, she’s so good. Pretty good day. We’ve got about 3 1/2 hours of highway to get us back to Detroit
for Woodward tomorrow. And, yeah man, it’s the
end of this episode. – [All] That’s a wrap. (rain pouring) – [Zac] Hell. – We went over the top, we packed ponchos. – Ah, son of a. (laughs) – Oh my God, which way do
we go, which way do we go? – [Brian] Uh, north,
(laughing) this is ridiculous. (energetic electronic music) – Oh, now it’s just down puking. – Sometimes it’s nice to cruise quiet. – And talk to people.
– Am I getting old? – You’re getting old.
– I’m getting old. (ice crashing) – Desperate times call
for desperate measures. (film projector rumbling)

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