“Your Son is Gone” – Cadence Contest 2012

Left my mama home that day, (Recruits Repeat) Headed to sea from Tampa Bay. (Recruits Repeat) Mama, mama don’t you fret, (Recruits Repeat) I’ll be safe you can bet. (Recruits Repeat) Deck and con were watching fine, (Recruits Repeat) didn’t have a care on my mind. (Recruits Repeat) Two short blasts signaled harm, (Recruits Repeat) next sound was the collision alarm. (Recruits Repeat) Mama, mama don’t you worry, (Recruits Repeat) I’ll get to that locker in a hurry. (Recruits Repeat) Takin’ on water, going down fast, (Recruits Repeat) I fear today might be my last. (Recruits Repeat) My shipmates screamed for me to help, (Recruits Repeat) So I opened that locker with my belt. (Recruits Repeat) Mama, mama please don’t cry, (Recruits Repeat) Your son is gone, I’ll tell you why. (Recruits Repeat) With a heavy list and one large roll, (Recruits Repeat) He stayed aboard the Blackthorn’s hull. (Recruits Repeat) He gave his life to save his crew, (Recruits Repeat) For his sacrifice, we thank you. (Recruits Repeat)

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